Digital Distribution Write For Us

Digital Distribution Write For Us

Digital distribution write for us – Digital distribution is the digital content delivery (via download), including audio, e-books, games, PDFs, images, software, and videos. And also, digital distribution is handled during a digital distribution stage designed to deliver digital content or allow it to be downloaded. For example, a platform like Steam enables users to buy and download a game to their computer. Netflix is ​​another instance of a digital distribution stage that charges monthly fees to users to stream TV shows and movies. You can send your article through a document file to

How do I Choose my Digital Distribution?

How do I Choose my Digital Distribution?

This question has no honest answer, as all distributors have different advantages and disadvantages depending on their professional situation, resources, and needs. That being said, we can offer you some advice so that you become aware of what to consider when making your option.

Some distributors dedicate to self-produced artists (TuneCore and ex-Zimbalam, DistroKid), while others only work with record labels. We suggest you save time by making it your first search criterion!

Identify your time and money resources. Distributor pricing policies vary: you sign up for an annual fee ($19.99 for an artist or group on DistroKid, for example) or a cost per audio creation (like $9.99 for a single and 29 $.99 for the first album on TuneCore) and in the swap, they take mind of distribution your music to the DSPs and collecting your mastering rights on these downloads.

Occasionally, these prices are accompanied by a commission on your master rights, your income. But some DSPs, like Spinnup, do not charge any charge, and keeping 100% of your royalties can be a beautiful alternative! Suppose you haven’t seen it; nevertheless, here is our article on the lawful context of the distributor-artist relationship.

Focus on the services that will be useful to you: know the numeral of streams by DSP, country/city and date, and the revenue generated by these streams. This level of feature tells you which actions work best for your content. Distributions that offer the most DSP links save you the most time but are also the most expensive. So don’t be fooled by the numbers – you don’t necessarily need a service that plays your first EP at 150 DSP!

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Why to Write for Technologyify – Digital Distribution Write for Us

Why to Write for Technologyify – Digital Distribution Write for Us

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Article Guidelines – Digital Distribution Write for Us

  1. The article must be 800+ words and unique.
  2. We limit 2 links per article, 1 to your home page and another to your internal page.
  3. Content quality must be high and well-researched.
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