Plagiarism Write For Us

Plagiarism Write For Us

Plagiarism means intellectual property theft or academic fraud. The work is considered plagiarised when you use portions of writing or artwork without crediting the original author or artist. The meaning and the way we define plagiarism have gradually changed over time. You can send your article to

It’s easy to find plagiarized content these days, and many students change parts of an assignment or replace words with synonyms. It is a form of plagiarism. It’s best to work on new ideas, and if you want to support your opinion, you should use quotation marks and proper citations (in the appropriate citation style).

Also, plagiarism doesn’t just happen in writing; it applies to intellectual property such as music, images, videos, and dance choreography. That’s why educating yourself about plagiarism is essential to avoid it.

Why is Plagiarism Bad?

Why is Plagiarism Bad?
There are numerous reasons why plagiarism is wrong, both for the plagiarist and for the plagiarized. Plagiarism is unethical, fraudulent, destructive, consistent, and easy to spot.

1. Unethical

Plagiarism is unethical because it is an act of theft, and it is also an act of cheating that provides unfair and unnecessary benefits to the cheater.

Plagiarists make “their” work more dynamic and profit unfairly from it, perhaps through a good grade, a job opportunity or professional recognition.

2. Fraudulent

The public may mistakenly view a plagiarist as an authority on a subject. Relying on the expertise of such fraud could have serious consequences, especially in the medical industry.

3. Destroyer

Students who plagiarize in their academic writing sabotage their learning. Academic assignments develop critical thinking skills, creativity, and synthesis, but students who plagiarize do not develop these skills.

School’s primary purpose is learning; attending is no point if you are not involved in the learning process. Plagiarism also undermines the academic integrity of the plagiarist.

If you have brilliant and original ideas in your work but supplement them with plagiarized information, you risk losing your reputation when plagiarism is discovered.

4. Consequence

Plagiarism can cost more than your reputation. Students can face severe penalties from their instructors and academic institutions for plagiarism; the most common sanctions are failure or expulsion.

As a professional, you may face consequences from your employer or peers, such as demotion or summary dismissal for serious misconduct.

More seriously, some plagiarism is a form of copyright infringement. In these cases, the plagiarist can end up in court and without money.

5. Easy to Spot

While technology has made plagiarism easier (copying and pasting take seconds), it has also made detection easier.

If an editor, reader, or teacher is suspicious of a particular passage, a quick Google search of a text segment can reveal the source and plagiarism.

Most schools have platforms for student submissions that include plagiarism detection. Even without this, you’ll be surprised how easily teachers can spot plagiarism.

They quickly pick up on their voice and writing skills and recognize when something sounds “out of place.”

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