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Bitcoin write for us – Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency shaped in January 2009. And also, it follows the ideas laid out in a white paper by the mysterious pseudonym. Basically, the identity of the people who made the technology remains a mystery. However, Bitcoin promises lower transaction fees than traditional online payment mechanisms. And unlike government-issued currencies, it is managed by decentralized power. You can send your article to

Bitcoin is known as a kind of cryptocurrency because it uses cryptography to ensure its security. And also, there are no physical bitcoins. Instead, only balances are kept in a public ledger to which everyone has transparent access (although all records are encrypted). However, the enormous computing power verifies all Bitcoin transactions through a process known as “mining.”

Bitcoin is not issued or authorized by any bank or government, and also individual bitcoins have no value as a commodity. Although not legal tender in most of the world, Bitcoin is very popular and has sparked the opening of hundreds of other cryptocurrencies, collectively known as altcoins. Bitcoin is generally abbreviated as BTC when trading.

Where to Buy Bitcoin?

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Before buying bitcoin, it’s essential to keep in mind that, like any risky asset, you shouldn’t spend more than you can disburse to misplace. However, strictly speaking, there is no such thing as a bitcoin account like there are bank accounts. Basically, to get bitcoins, you have to open an account on a cryptocurrency exchange platform (there are around a hundred today in the world). In general, it is possible to buy them by card or by bank transfer.

In France, there are a handful of players: the Paymium exchanges (bitcoin/euro exchange), Zebitex (multi-crypto / euros), Savitar, and the brokers Coinhouse and bitcoin. Basically, the latter also has a bureau de change in the 2nd arrondissement of Paris called “Coinhouse Paris Store” (formerly La Maison du bitcoin).

But French citizens can buy bitcoins on foreign platforms, like the American Coinbase available in the French language. Some are more ergonomic than others. Commissions also vary from venue to platform. The site regularly updates media ranking, explicitly listing the number of positive and negative reviews.

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