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An SEO audit examines your online assets to ensure your site performs as well as possible in search results. You can send your article to This includes discovering:

  • Strengths and successes to exploit or develop.
  • Errors to correct and fruits at hand to grab.
  • What doesn’t work, you should do less of it.
  • What does not work must be improved.

We’ve broken down SEO auditing, but if you have a large website, you may also want to consider separating your SEO audits into categories. The thing is, there are so many facets to SEO that this process can quickly become overwhelming. Read on to learn about some types of SEO audits.

Tools of SEO Audit

Tools of SEO Audit
You will need a few tools to perform the SEO audit that we will cover in this guide. These include:

SEO Software: Any self-respecting SEO software. Ahrefs, Moz Pro, and SEMrush will all have a site audit or crawler tool that will allow you to track your website and determine the overall search health and common inefficiencies that slow down your site’s organic performance. They’re also packed with keyword research tools, backlink profiling tools, and more. I recommend getting at least a free trial of one of these tools before attempting a full SEO audit of your site.

Google Search Console: There are many ways to use Google Search Console (formerly Webmaster Tools) for SEO auditing regarding keywords, organic CTR, technology fixes, Core Web Vitals, and SEO submission. All pages to reindex that you have reoptimized as a result of your verification.

Google Analytics: The goal of an SEO audit is to improve traffic to your site, and as such, you’ll need Google Analytics to measure the impact of your actions. It will also help you prioritize your action items based on which pages generate the most traffic or have had significant drops in traffic.

Page Speed ​​Tools: Google’s PageSpeed ​​Insights and GTMetrix are reliable and free tools.

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