HTTP Cookie Write For Us

HTTP Cookie Write For Us

HTTP Cookie is a little piece of data used as a storage medium in the browser and sent to the server with each request. They are helpful for session management, user customization, and tracking. You can send your article to

Types of HTTP Cookies

Types of HTTP Cookies

1. Session Cookies

Also known as temporary cookies, session cookies end once you close or exit the browser. You will notice that a website uses session cookies when you have to enter your login credentials each time you open the page.

An example to consider is the shopping cart on any e-commerce site. Session cookies retain items in the shopping cart when you click on a thing to open a new tab. Without session cookies, the website would not memorize what you clicked on previously.

2. Own Cookies

First-party cookies are stored straight on your computer by the website you visit. The website collects analytics and valuable information to improve your user experience.

The example in this blog post is one use case to consider. When you access a website such as, the website sends a request to your computer, which provides a unique cookie value under the domain Without first-party cookies, websites will not automatically log you in or remember your preferences from previous sessions.

3. Third-Party Cookies

Third-party cookies are those created by domains other than the ones you are accessing directly. Generally used for tracking reasons, third-party cookies are stored even after you close your browser. An everyday use case is to follow advertisements from websites other than the ones you visit. For example, when browsing multiple product pages on an e-commerce website, you may be exposed to third-party cookies from a domain outside the website you visited. Later, when you close your browser, a third-party cookie may be used to track whether or not you purchased the product you viewed on the website.

Specific images pulled from a third-party website outside of the particular domain you are on may contain third-party cookies that allow other parties to send targeted emails or advertisements for an article you viewed. But that you did not buy.

4. Secure Cookies

Secure cookies prevent unauthorized third parties from observing cookies sent to a new user in an HTTP response. With the Secure quality, HTTP requests will only comprise the cookie if transmitted over a secure channel.

HttpOnly Cookies Originally implemented by the developers of Microsoft Internet Explorer in 2002, HttpOnly flags can be included in an HTTP Set-Cookie header. The HttpOnly attribute mitigates the danger of users accidentally accessing a link that can exploit a cross-site scripting fault.

Cross-site scripting attacks are malicious scripts additional to a trusted website that allow attackers to access cookies and other sensitive information.

5. Zombie Cookies

Somewhat indicated by the name, zombie cookies come back to life even when deleted or the browser is closed. Zombie cookies are stored outside the web browser’s dedicated cookie storage. When the user demolishes a cookie, a zombie cookie can take the replica stored away and reattach it to the user’s cookie store.

Historically, advertising companies like Quantcast have been sued for using zombie cookies to track users and store personal information. States like California consider using zombie cookies an illegal invasion of privacy.

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