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Eduvate provides a range of services customized to each client’s needs from analysis of current practices and products to strategic visioning and business development planning, from education policy intelligence to learner-centered program design support, to building partner networks and user communities. Eduvate excels at facilitating the systems thinking of organizations and illuminating the infrastructure and process needs at different scales vital to addressing complex issues.

Whether serving as a consulting expert, partnering advisor, startup mentor, or embedded project manager, Eduvate works with client teams to create outcomes that support meaningful insights, actionable data, and sustainable transformations.

About us Eduvate

About us Eduvate

Eduvate is a multiscale strategy and consulting organization supporting innovations in formal education systems, informal learning environments, and technology-based tools for learning, teaching, and assessment.

Eduvate provides analysis, strategy, implementation, and impact expertise for organizations interested in improving educational systems and expanding opportunities for all learners–including tech startups, investors and accelerators, education and technology companies, nonprofits and non-governmental organizations, B Corps, foundations and grant-making entities, national governments, state departments of education, K-12 and higher education systems, public and charter schools, open educational resource providers, professional membership organizations, researchers, museums and science centers, civic organizations, and others.

About Detail


Industry: E-learning

Company size: 2-10 employees

Type: Self-Owned

Founded: 2012

Specialties: Education Management, Educational Kits, DIY Activity Boxes, ERP, School Management Software, Curriculum Design, Books, Teacher Training, Parent Communication App, edtech, curriculum, and robotics.

Our Story of Eduvate

Our Story of Eduvate

Founded in 2019 by Ewald Beukes and Gareth Vereb, Eduvate is a South African-based education start-up on a mission to offer various quality, affordable, digital education solutions to the South African, African, and eventually International markets.

Ewald and Gareth recognized that, locally and globally, there is an ever-increasing skills gap. This gap is partly attribute to the fact that the current education systems design for the industrial age, yet the industrial age end long ago. The focus on content knowledge and grades is becoming obsolete, and the current education system design for routine and fixed procedures. Learners are taught how to do something once and then expect to spend the rest of their lives doing it, but that’s no longer how the world works. If the status quo accept, the children in schools today will not prepare for a future where the skills required differ vastly from what is available in mainstream education.

Both Eduvate founders have extensively involved in private education and have led organizations that have built and manage over 20 private schools in South Africa. This extensive experience, combine with their passion for teaching and innovation, led to the creation of Eduvate.

What does Eduvate Prepare?

What does Eduvate Prepare?

Let’s Eduvate endeavors to simplify studying and make it more interactive and joyful for school students. So, we ensure that schools across India have the best facilities and modern technologies. We cater to the comprehensive canvas of schools training young minds.

Our comprehensive solutions are scale-able and malleable and work effectively for all types of schools. They are productive for various school management activities designed for students’ overall growth, hence for schools.

Eduvate’s solid academic and non-academic solutions have helped Orchidaceous Plant International School to impact 30,000+ students in a short span of 7 Years.

Why do you Eduvate Us?

Industry-leading teacher-led education with a focus on learner performance and holistic development. Eduvates’ innovative online school offers a globally benchmarked and extend curriculum design to ensure our learners are ready not only for universities around the globe but for the changing needs of the future. Our learners experience a highly engaging, immersive, and collaborative learning environment supported by expert teachers, tutors, and rich content.

Using sophisticated systems and an innovative data-driven approach to both educator and learner efficiency, Educate can provide the correct interventions based on learners’ specific needs. Our policy is rooted in the quest for understanding and mastery over rote learning. This unique approach to learner performance supplement by integration into social, sporting, and cultural activities. This is done to encourage the holistic development of every learner and enable them to fulfill a purposeful and impactful future.

What are People Saying about Eduvate?

What are People Saying about Eduvate?

Eduvate believes young people, setting out on a lifetime of work, need a truly global mindset. Eduvate is brilliantly positioned to help them explore, prepare, and achieve their ambitions in today’s G20 world.

Our pioneering online Recruitment Exhibition, cross-border experience, and diverse team consistently deliver results for our Exhibitors and Attendees.

We work with some of the world’s most respected business and Universities, start-up visionaries, governments, and state-owned entities. They are not just ‘clients’ but valued partners; their insights are invaluable, entirely up to the minute, matched with a determination to optimize talent acquisition.

Eduvate’s focus on the ‘output’ from different education systems, its qualities, and diversity allows organizations to engage early with young people and to identify the best cultural fit.

We are acutely aware of the education terrain both at high school and university. And also, A provide unique approaches to employability that are inextricably link to social progress and economic imperatives.

Founded by seasoned professionals in education and technology development. Who are well-establish community members, eduvate is a rapidly growing ‘go to’ service as young people and prospective employers adapt to the future of work.

Our Mission

Eduvate offers a range of online education products and services. At its core, it is a full-time online school where students attend live classes daily. The Eduvate offer is based on global standards and covers the CAPS curriculum entirely. The curriculum is enhanced by adding critical social and emotional skills, robotics, coding, and STEM skills development. This ensures learners are ready to contribute to the future economy and world. It is working with excellent partners worldwide to pioneer new technology in education and optimize the use of existing technology and data to improve learner outcomes at the individual level.

Holding the vision “To use education as the catalyst for positive change in every country and community worldwide.” Eduvate values an entrepreneurial, collaborative approach to learning, and the core values combine to create the acronym STRIVE.

  • Simplicity
  • Trust
  • Resilience
  • Innovation
  • Virtue

It joins a select group of pioneering thinkers in the education space who are taking ownership of closing the global skills gap and leveraging its passionate team of exceptional educators to develop learners to become future leaders, thinkers, explorers, makers, and doers.

Eduvate Parent Portal


Eduvate Parent Portal is a free Android application develop by Letseduvate that offers a comprehensive range of features for parents to monitor their child’s academic progress. The app requires a student’s ERP code for login and provides access to various features. In such as profile, timetable, daily diary, attendance, weekly tests, online exams, circulars, and complaints.

The profile section allows parents to view their child’s personal information. If while the timetable section provides a detailed view of their class schedule. The daily diary section displays the daily classwork and homework assigned. In to the student, along with any communication from the school. Parents can also view their child’s month-wise attendance record weekly test results and take practice tests for upcoming exams. The circular section lets parents stay up-to-date with the latest school communication. And also, The complaint section enables them to raise any issues or concerns. Eduvate Parent Portal is an excellent tool for parents to track their child’s academic development. If stay informed about school-related activities.

Features of Eduvate App

You can view the full information about the student on this app connected to their school or university.

It also comprises the timetable portraying each class’s time period or duration.

The students can even take their rehearsal tests on the app to prepare for their examinations.

The app also comprises the regular classwork and homework assigned to the students.

It notifies them about the weekly tests going to be held or the weekly test results to the parentages and the students.

Students can easily protest in the Educate parent portal app if they have any problems.

Any important notice from the school and the once-a-month attendance of the students can also be viewed on the app.


Eduvate works with organizations interested in improving education systems and expanding opportunities for all learners, including K-12 and Higher. Education institutions and initiatives; technology companies and tech startups; museums, public media. And also, if other informal learning providers; national governments; state departments of education; public and charter school districts. Nonprofits and non-governmental organizations; foundations and grant-making entities; educational outreach programs; open educational resource (OER) networks; and others.

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