The Reasons why Companies Require a Digital Workspace

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The digital workspace has gone on to become a major component of the workspace in recent times. If you are thinking of improving or enhancing the digital workplace of your organization it is a valid point to consider. The question which emerges is what is a digital workspace and how it is important from an organization point of view. Let us explore some of the benefits of a digital workspace below.


The question often emerges is how can digital workplace enhance flexibility at your workplace. In a digital workplace employees enjoy a  flexibility when it comes to work environment and work schedules. With the use of digital tools like a mobile intranet it is possible for your employees to establish connection from any remote corner of the world where the focus on the work schedule is relatively less. It provides them the much needed flexibility for a work life balance as they are able to devote considerable time to their personal lives.

Operational Cost Reduces

When you are opting for virtual tools or interactive in person meetings you reduce the in person collaboration. It is going to save on the travel and the overhead costs like furniture or office space. If you are choosing a large Saas Platform you may need a larger team for managing customized software or on time servers which turns out to be cost saving.

Increased Efficiency and Enhanced Productivity

In this modern age of community calendars and Google documents, it becomes easy collaborate to get the projects done in real time. Such digital advances would streamline the business process as the employees would be able to accomplish a lot of tasks and that too in a less amount of time. If you are using friendly tools an user may trouble shoot all the problems on their own. It is going to free up the IT team and the internal staff to do things which matter to them the most.

An Increase in Revenue

When an organization has an ability to enhance productivity and reduce basecamp cost it leads to an increase in revenue. As per experts organizations have gone on to report of 43% increase in revenue after implementation of digital workplace.

Innovation and Increased Communication

A two way communication is being encouraged between high level and low end employees. If the digital workplace is well constructed it would allow a free exchange of ideas. A tool like an interactive survey encourages ideas sharing across an organization.

Enhances Employee Experience

Collaboration tools in the form of activity feeds, social profiles or employee directories would allow the employees to communicate and interact with each other. It goes on to develop a strong professional bond enhancing team work and would develop a sense of belonging.

An increase in Performance

With the use of effective intranet tools like Google analytics it would be of help to identify the KPIs.  In fact the bounce rate and the time which is spent on the site is found. By this information you can figure out the areas which require improvement as it enables to optimize  the process. This is done both at an internal and external level in an organization.

Retention and Talent Recruitment Improves

It is obvious for a top candidate to expect a progressive and an advanced work environment. When you are delivering those expectations on a digital platform you may be able to attract candidates who are skilled and possess the necessary abilities.

What is pan network :One of the maximum not unusual real-world examples of a PAN is the connection among a Bluetooth earpiece and a cellphone. PANs can also join laptops, drugs, printers, keyboards, and other automated devices. PAN network connections can both be stressed out or wi-fi.

The companies which have gone on to adopt a digital workplace have gone on to reduce the turnover by 25 %. What it means is that talented employees are likely to stay with an employer which is going to provide more opportunities.

Last but not the least the satisfaction levels of the employees improve by leaps and bounds. In a correct digital workspace there is an opportunity to be working with the peers as employees are able to express their opinions in a better way. Even for employees who have reported to work once in a week has reported a 24 %  level of satisfaction in their work. This platform stresses on the concept of work for all and makes the workplace flexible.

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