Segmenting Targeting Positioning Write For Us

Segmenting Targeting Positioning Write For Us
Segmenting targeting positioning write for us – The Segmenting targeting positioning model helps create marketing segments where companies can gain a competitive advantage to use in their marketing strategies. You can send your article through a document file to

The model helps us discover our optimal target audiences and segments, determine which parts are best for us, and help us position our business in those segments.

The STP model derives from three segment creation steps: segmentation, targeting, and positioning.

Benefits of Segmenting Targeting Positioning Marketing

Benefits of Segmenting Targeting Positioning Marketing

  1. If you’re still not convinced that STP marketing will revolutionize your business, we break down the key benefits of STP marketing over a traditional marketing approach.
  2. Since STP focuses on creating a specific target audience and positioning your products/services in the way most likely to appeal to that audience, your marketing becomes hyper-personalized. With customization:
  3. Your brand messages become more personal and empathetic because you have your customer personas and know precisely who you are talking to;
  4. Your marketing mix becomes more crystallized and generates a higher return on investment because you no longer waste budget on channels that your audience ignores;
  5. And also, Your market investigation and product innovation become more efficient because you know exactly who to ask for advice and feedback in the development phase.
  6. Recent research from Yieldify shows that e-commerce leaders are embracing personalization at an unprecedented rate: 74% of e-commerce sites now say they have adopted some level of the personalization strategy. Your reasons?
  7. 58% found personalization helped increase customer retention, 55% cited conversion, and 45% found personalization helped minimize the cost of acquiring new customers.

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Why Write for Technologyify – STP Write for Us

Why Write for Technologyify – Segmenting Targeting Positioning Write for Us

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