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Technologyify is an emerging educational technology platform. Technologyify is created for free and universal access to education. She advocates for everyone to access quality education, even in the world’s most remote regions. Moreover, it allows people to learn and share knowledge. Their audience ranges from young school children and experienced teachers to curious parents. If you want to share your knowledge and experience with burning minds, you are always welcome to this web portal.

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Characteristics of the Educational Process

The educational process materializes in a sequence of skills and values, which produce intellectual, emotional and social changes in the individual. Depending on the degree of awareness achieved, these values ​​can last a lifetime or only for a certain period.

In the case of children, education seeks to endorse the process of structuring thought and forms of expression. It helps in the sensory-motor maturation process and stimulates integration and group coexistence.

Types of Education

There are many classifications of the educational act, sometimes by model or by topics of attention. However, the most crucial distinction is often the following:

Formal education:  That which takes place within the schedule organized, planned, evaluated and taught by the institutions of society: academies, schools, institutes, universities and other instances of organized knowledge. They usually lead to obtaining a title and social recognition of the knowledge acquired.

Informal education: That which is received in an intentional and organized way, but outside the formal institutions dedicated to it, outside the academies and without the endorsement of a degree (or having it, but without any professional value).

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Why Write for Technologyify – Education Write For Us

Why Write for Technologyify - Education Write for Us

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Article Guidelines on Technologyify – Education Write For Us

Please read the guidelines given by Guest Posting for Education carefully before submitting the article for use:

  • First of all, your article must be relevant to our blog, i.e. your topic must be education.
  • Your article should be well-researched, well-written and well-structured, without contextual and grammatical errors.
  • The minimum length of your article must be 300 words.
  • Your content should be unique without any plagiarism. We may reject your content if it contains plagiarism or copied content.
  • Once published, your article becomes the possession of Technologyify, and you are asked not to publish the same article on other sites.

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