Surprising Facts About Instagram You Might Not Know

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Surprising Facts About Instagram You Might Not Know


Beyond being a social media platform, it is also a force to be reckoned with. We, the audiences, prefer visual content more than anything. At this present state, Instagram has overtaken television in the ways that styles, influences, and trends.

Considering all the benefits of it, businesses are also using this platform to start advertising. Almost every major brand is utilizing the potential of Instagram for attracting more customers and promoting their brand.

When they are investing their money, energy, and time in Instagram marketing, there has to be something, and they actually are. Instagram marketing is a really effective way of marketing, and there are several reasons behind it.

Surprising Facts About Instagram

Surprising Facts About Instagram

By seeing all those IG stories of top brands, you also get the inspiration to promote your brand and business on it.

It is really great that you are also thinking about opting for Instagram marketing. It has great potential to offer you the required result. Still, we know you like to know about some of the major facts, which will convince you to take Instagram marketing more seriously.

So, we have curated some major and really surprising facts about Instagram you might not know. Let’s check them out now.

Fact 1: 1 Billion People Use Instagram

Yes, you read it right.

Across the entire globe, the number of Instagram users is 1 billion. However, this huge number does not make it the most popular social media platform, but this number has made it the most worthwhile social media to post on.

The deadly combination of cultural elements, user count, and of course, visual style is making Instagram the perfect place for promoting your business.

Fact 2: Hashtags Work As SEO

Being a business person, you know that standing in 2022, SEO is one of the most crucial ways to increase the number of people who might make a purchase from your business.

However, we can bet that you are not so much aware of the fact that Instagram technology lets you use Instagram as an SEO opportunity.

Just the way you use keywords, you also can make use of all those hashtags. Instagram always promotes your content to those who are searching for those keywords or hashtags.

Fact 3: Every Instagram Account Is Personal, Almost!

Do you know that experts have stated that around 80% of accounts are personal? When business accounts are, of course, nice and necessary, people actually want to interact with people and not with corporations.

When developing your marketing strategy, you must keep this thing in your mind. Instead of coming off like an unfeeling, cold company, your appearance should be like a person’s.

Fact 4: Buying Likes Can Really Boost Your Followers

When working really hard with the vision of being successful in the world of it, a lot of people do not even realize that they can buy Instagram likes to boost their followers, but now you know the truth.

If you are hesitating to buy likes just because you are afraid of fake accounts, let us tell you, you bought likes are not necessarily fake. There are a lot of websites that allow you to buy real likes.

In case you are wondering how buying likes can get you more followers, remember they say, “Fake it, till you make it.”

Fact 5: There Are an Insane Amount Of Fake Accounts

So, now you know, among 10 accounts, 8 accounts are personal, and 1 account among those 10 accounts is fake.

Yes, friends, Instagram actually has hundreds of millions of fake accounts or bots. It means, here, you are required to work extra hard just to make people believe that you are a real person and not a bot.

Fact 6: The Site Skews Female

We hope you remember the first fact.

Instagram has 1 billion users.

Now you will get another surprise when we tell you that among all those 1 billion accounts, 58% of users are actually female. However, we believe it will not affect your business strategy that much.

In case your business is geared toward women, you must opt for Instagram marketing.


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