How Casino Tables Are Made and What Makes Them Special?

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How Casino Tables Are Made and What Makes Them Special?

Casino tables have entertained millions of people for centuries and continue to be a good source of entertainment even today. They are social, portable, and inexpensive – unless you decide to commit money. For most people, casino table games were integral to their upbringing. I grew up playing casino games over the weekend with my family.

I was only six years old when I played Crazy Eights. Since then, I’ve dealt thousands of hands. I’m still passionate about various card, board, or tabletop games. This is why when I see a poorly built casino table, I get irritated and irked.

If you are searching for the best casino table, maybe purchase one or get a few tips on building yours; you are in the right place. I’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the materials you will need to build one. There are also a few links to tutorials on how you can go about building a poker or blackjack table from home.

Common Components of Casino Tables

Nearly 90% of all casino tables are constructed from plywood. Depending on the size and the number of people seated at the table, you might need about 1-3 sheets.

These tables, as you’d expect, usually rest on legs. These can be pre-ordered online or custom-made at home. The legs can be crafted from wood or metal. Those who choose to use wood would rather make theirs at home. Metalic legs are easier to order online than fabricate.

There’s also the table surface, where all the action unfolds. This is usually made of two layers; a cloth layer is covering the outer section and a form underneath.

The clothing of the table varies depending on your preference. Some people would rather use speed cloth or velveteen. To some, using felt or playing surface foam is preferred.

In the market, many casino table mats are fabricated from foam and covered by speed cloth. There are some folding tables, which are constructed from velveteen and plastic. If you go for the latter, you’ll save on costs, but they wear out quickly.

Another important component is the railing, which is made of two layers. The only difference, like the tablecloth, is the type and density of the material used.

  • Railing foam: which is usually a 1″ high-density foam.
  • Railing cover: or upholstering is usually made of Vinyl. If you have a big budget and want your table to last longer, you can always use leather.

There are usually extras on the table. You can decide to purchase player and dealer trays and cup holders. In case you want to spend money, you can get a dealer’s token box.

Folding Casino Tables

Folding Casino Tables

If you are planning to get a casino table that you will carry for your road trips or when going camping, you can settle for foldable ones. The design usually follows the conventional table game, only that you fold down the legs and fold your table in half for easy storage.

How Much Does It Cost To Make A Casino Table?

This is an open-end question that has many answers to it. There are various factors you require to consider when looking at the cost of a casino table.

For example, the materials involved, labor charges, and other miscellaneous expenses such as the cost of ordering the materials.

If you are looking to create a quick table with a medium budget, a total of around $500 will be enough. The table should accommodate up to five players.

If you are looking for something more sturdy, permanent, and luxurious, you can spend from $1,000 to highs of $10,000. For this, it’s highly recommended you purchase the table from companies specializing in constructing casino tables. They’ll do a better job and even deliver them for free.

What Makes Casino Tables Special?

The most obvious reason many people prefer playing casino table games is that they are more social than their counterparts –slot machines. You interact with each other while having a natter, compared to slot machines, where you only interact with the buttons and software.

If you decide to throw in some money, you are also in a better position to win at the tables than slot machines. Games such as poker require an element of skill to know how to read other players and play your way to winning. If you have an excellent poker face, you can bluff, even with a weak hand, and still win.


Building a casino table isn’t straightforward a process as it may seem. If you are knowledgeable in carpentry and have the tools, you can give it a shot and build your table. Otherwise, it will be cheaper and more economical if you contact some companies that build table games. They’ll ask for your preference and budget before advising you accordingly.

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