Watch Aravinda Sametha Veera Raghava Full Movie in Hindi Dubbed

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aravinda sametha full movie hindi dubbed

Aravinda Sametha Full Movie Hindi Dubbed

Aravinda Sametha Full Movie Hindi Dubbed – Aravinda Sametha Veera Raghava is a 2018 Indian Telugu-language action drama film. The movie revolves around a young man whose life changes after a fierce fight with henchmen from a rival village.

He also fled to Hyderabad and decided to avoid violence to achieve peace between the two cities, whose inhabitants have been constantly affected by conflict for 30 years. The film was released in theaters on October 11, 2018. After a positive critical reception, it became a commercial success.

Some are the Details of Aravinda Sametha Full Movie Hindi Dubbed

Director: Trivikram Srinivas

Writer: Trivikram Srinivas

And also, Producer: S. Radha Krishna

Star Cast

  • N. T. Rama Rao Jr. as Veera Raghava Reddy
  • And also, Pooja Hegde as Aravindha
  • Eesha Rebba as Sunandha
  • And also, Jagapathi Babu as Basi Reddy
  • Rao Ramesh as Krishna Reddy
  • Subhalekha Sudhakar as Sudarshan Reddy
  • And also, Naga Babu as Narapa Reddy
  • Naresh as Saradhi
  • Sunil as Neelambari
  • And also, Naveen Chandra as Bala Reddy

Cinematography: P. S. Vinod

And also, Editor: Naveen Nooli

Music: S. Thaman

Production Company: Haarika & Hassine Creations

Release Date: 11 October 2018

Running Time: 162 minutes

Country: India

Language: Telugu

And also, Box Office: ₹165 crore filmyzilla.html

How to Watch and Download Aravinda Sametha (2018) Full Movie in Hindi Dubbed?

aravinda sametha full movie hindi dubbed

The user needs to follow a few simple steps to view and download Aravinda Sametha Full Movie Hindi Dubbed. And also, the first thing to see and also download Aravinda Sametha Full Movie Hindi Dubbed is for the user to access your website or torrent worksite (clone).

Therefore, after entering the torrent site, an illegal website searches for the movie (Aravinda Sametha) by entering the name 123moviesfree in the search box. The movie or movie poster will then appear on your screen. With a few clicks, you can view and download Aravinda Sametha Full Movie Hindi Dubbed on the torrent site.

About Aravinda Sametha Full Movie Hindi Dubbed

aravinda sametha full movie hindi dubbed

Firstly, the 30-year war between two rival organized crime groups from two villages, Kommaddi, led by Narappa Reddy, and also Nallagudi, led by Basi Reddy, has affected people’s lives from both gangs. And also, Naropa Reddy’s son, Veera Raghava Reddy, who had been in London for 12 years, returns to the village.

On the way home, he ends up losing his father to an opposition attack, after which he undergoes a violent transformation. And also, he takes part in the fight, assassinates Basi Reddy’s gangsters, and also stabs Basi Reddy himself, and also everyone believes that he has been killed.

Realizing that violence may not be the ultimate solution, he decides to go to Hyderabad, hoping the fighting will subside as the opposition will have no one to fight. He travels to Hyderabad, befriends Neelambari, and circumstances force him to live with two women: Aravinda’s family and Sunanda. Aravinda influences his beliefs and thoughts and falls in love with Veera Raghava.

Meanwhile, Veera Raghava helps Aravinda’s younger brother and schoolboy Sunanda write a story about violence, inspired by his own life. And also, the story is eventually published and viewed by Basi Reddy, who realizes that it resembles the life of Veera Raghava.

Basi Reddy orders his confederates to kidnap Aravinda and Sunanda’s brother from his school. And also, the henchmen effort to seize Aravinda and Sunanda’s brother but stop by Veera Raghava, who fights them while ensuring no one kills. Eventually, he learns from one of the gangsters that Basi Reddy is alive. Soon, Bala Reddy kidnaps Aravinda, but Veera Raghava rescues him and threatens him over the phone.

More Story

Later, he clarifies his past to Aravinda and Sunanda and then goes to his village. Aravinda is intrigued and escorted by Neelambari to the town of Veera Raghava. They are filming a documentary about people affected by corruption caused by organized crime groups. Veera Raghava attends a meeting with Bala Reddy and some ministers.

He tries to persuade them to stop fighting but rejects the bullies when Basi Reddy’s son refuses to obey. Veera Raghava manages to emotionally convince him of the peace treaty, which results in Basi Reddy assassinating Bala Reddy. Also, Aravinda and Neelambari, who had stayed with Basi Reddy since he broke down his car, discover the truth about him and also hold him hostage.

Lastly, Basi Reddy cuts off Aravinda’s arm, stabs Neelambari, and attempts to fight Veera Raghava, who continues to dodge in an attempt not to start another fight. Also, Basi Reddy tells him that he killed Bala Reddy, and also, now, no one will defend the peace.

Still, he is shocked when his gangsters, who have changed their minds upon hearing Veera Raghava’s words, take Aravinda and Neelambari to the hospital despite the threat. And also, Veera Raghava murders Basi Reddy with a knife and also sets him on fire so that no one can find out more about his murder.

And also, Veera Raghava admits to Basi Reddy’s wife that she murdered Basi Reddy. The latter, who is heartbroken over her son’s death at the hands of her husband, washes the gun and also takes Veera Raghava to the village. And also, she files a previous corrupt police report that her husband murdered her son and also escaped, ending the fighting in the town. And also, Veera Raghava appoints her deputy, which she unanimously wins.

Aravindha Sametha Songs

aravinda sametha

1. Firstly, Yeda Poyinado

Singers: Nikhita Srivalli, and also Kailash Kher, and also Penchal Das

And also, Lyricist: Sirivennela

2. Anaganaganaga

Singers: Armaan Malik

And also, Lyricist: Sirivennela

3. Peniviti

Singers: Kaala Bhairava

And also, Lyricist: Ramajogaya Sastry

4. Reddy Ikkada Soodu

Singers: Daler Mehndi, and also Anjana Sowmya

And also, Lyricist: Ramajogaya Sastry

5. Reddamma Thalli (Cover Version)

And also, Singers: Penchal Das

Awards and Nominations

Date of ceremony Award Category Recipient(s) and nominee(s) Result
15 & 16 August 2019 8th South Indian International Movie Awards Best Film – Telugu Haarika & Hasinee Creations Nominated
Best Director – Telugu And also, Trivikram Srinivas Nominated
Best Actor – Telugu N. T. Rama Rao Jr. Nominated
And also, Best Music Director – Telugu S. Thaman Nominated
Best Lyricist – Telugu Ramajogayya Sastry Nominated
And also, Best Male Playback Singer – Telugu And also, Kaala Bhairava Nominated
21 December 2019 And also, the 66th Filmfare Awards South Best Actor – Telugu And also, N. T. Rama Rao Jr. Nominated
Best Actress – Telugu Pooja Hegde Nominated
Best Supporting Actor – Telugu Jagapati Babu Won
And also, Best Music Director – Telugu And also, S. Thaman Nominated
Best Lyricist – Telugu Ramajogayya Sastry Nominated
Best Male Playback Singer – Telugu Kaala Bhairava Nominated
And also, Best Female Playback Singer – Telugu And also, Mohana Bhogaraju


29 September 2019 17th Santosham Film Awards Best Comedian Sunil Won
And also, Best Music Director And also, S. Thaman Won


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