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drishyam 2 hindi dubbed

Drishyam 2 Hindi Dubbed

Drishyam 2 Hindi Dubbed

Drishyam 2 Hindi Dubbed – Drishyam 2 is a 2021 Indian Malayalam-language crime drama film. The story receipts place six years after the events of Drishyam.

Jeethu wrote the screenplay for Drishyam 2 when production work on his other film, Ram, was cut short due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Following an official announcement made on Mohanlal’s 60th birthday on May 21, 2020, the main filming began on September 21. It ended on November 6, 2020, respecting the security measures established to prevent the spread of COVID -19. The film was shot in-depth for 46 days in and around Thodupuzha in the same locations as Drishyam and a few scenes in Kochi. Anil Johnson calms the songs and the score. Satheesh Kurup was in charge of cinematography, and V. S. Vinayak edited the film.

Originally, the creators were planning a theatrical release. The producers then released the film through the Amazon Prime Video streaming service. The film opened worldwide on February 19, 2021, and garnered many positive reviews, praising the style of storytelling and performances, especially by Mohanlal. The creators have confirmed a sequel to the film, which is being remade in Telugu as Drushyam 2 under the direction of Joseph.

Some of the Details of the Drishyam 2 Hindi Dubbed

Director: Jeethu Joseph

Writer: Jeethu Joseph

Producer: Antony Perumbavoor


  • Mohanlal as Georgekutty
  • Murali Gopy as Thomas Bastin IPS
  • Meena as Rani George
  • Ansiba Hassan as Anju George
  • Esther Anil as Anu George
  • Asha Sarath as Geetha Prabhakar
  • Siddique as Prabhakar
  • Santhipriya as Advocate Renuka
  • Saikumar as Vinayachandran

Cinematography: Satheesh Kurup

Editor: V. S. Vinayak

Music: Anil Johnson

Production Company: Aashirvad Cinemas

Distributor: Amazon Prime Video

Release Date: 19 February 2021

Running Time: 153 minutes

Country: India

And also, Language: Malayalam

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About the Drishyam 2 Hindi Dubbed

About the Drishyam 2 Hindi Dubbed

On August 3, 2013, José, a convict, fled the police for killing his brother-in-law. To try to hide, he takes refuge behind a police station under construction and sees Georgekutty leaving the place with a shovel in his hand, and it was August 4, 2013. José will apologize to his wife, where he is then. Captured by police and detained.

Six years far along, Georgekutty, Rani, Anju, and Anu lead successful lives. Georgekutty, now a movie theater owner, aspires to produce a film, despite his family’s objection. He is in constant contact with Vinayachandran, a prominent Kochi-based screenwriter, to develop the script for his project. Although the family is comfortable, Anju has had repeated seizures and is now a patient with PTSD due to her fear of being arrested in connection with Varun’s murder.

Jealous of the family’s dramatic rise in wealth, Georgekutty’s neighbors begin to spread rumors about Varun’s death, making up their own stories, especially that of Anju, much to Rani’s anger. During this time, Georgekutty often has to visit cities like Kochi and Chennai to plan his film, which leads him to develop the habit of drinking. Rani’s only basis of solace is her friendly neighbor Saritha, a government worker who her drunken husband often abuses, Sabu, a real estate broker.

The local police received great humiliation due to their inability to resolve Varun’s disappearance. Meanwhile, Georgekutty meets Prabhakar in his theater. Prabakar begs Georgekutty to reveal the location of Varun’s body so that he can perform funeral rites for his son but to no avail. Anu returns home during spring break and has a sleepover with her friends, in which Rani protests when she sees Anu telling her boyfriend secrets.

More Story

Stunned, Vinayachandran reveals that Georgekutty had another climax for his film. Trying to escape capture, the hero would learn the procedures carried out when such a skeleton is found in the Idukki district. The hero then obtained the structure of another young man who had died with injuries similar to the victim when befriending a gravedigger in a distant location. He would also befriend the security guard at the forensic laboratory at the local medical institution, where forensic testing of the discovered skeleton would be performed. The day the original structure is unearthed and sent to the lab, the hero will silently swap the victim’s system for the one he obtained and incinerate it, destroying all incriminating evidence.

According to Vinayachandran’s narration, it is revealed that Georgekutty had followed the path. Without any proof of his guilt, Georgekutty is released on personal bail. His attorney is asking the court to order the police to halt the prosecution of Georgekutty for now, as he will go to Superior Court to drop the charges against him once and for all.

Georgekutty then has Varun’s ashes discreetly delivered to Geetha and Prabhakar, who complete Varun’s last rites in a river. Bastin meets the couple and urges them to end their argument with Georgekutty, as Georgekutty commits to protecting his family and has reportedly already started planning his next arrival; Bastin asks Geetha and Prabhakar if that in itself (having to design further investigation for the rest of his life) would be Georgekutty’s punishment. Meanwhile, Georgekutty, watching the trio from afar, silently leaves.


Following Drishyam 2, producer Antony Perumbavoor commented that a third film in the series is possible, although Jeethu has neither confirmed nor denied it. Antony also said that Jeethu was researching possible story arcs for Drishyam 3. There had been conversations with Mohanlal. On February 23, 2021, Jeethu told a press conference that he has found the climax of Drishyam 3 but that production may take at least three years to materialize.


Producer Kumar Mangat purchased the proper Hindi remake to make a sequel to Hindi Drishyam, with Ajay Devgn returning in the title role. It is scheduled to begin in the last quarter of 2021 for launch in 2022. A director has not yet been selected. On February 20, 2021, Jeethu confirmed that he would direct the remake in Telugu and intends to remake in Tamil and Hindi. 2 required by P. Vasu, who previously produced the Kannada Drishya version. Panorama Studios acquired its Hindi remake rights in May 2021.


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