Nick Digiovanni Net Worth – Biography, Career, Income Source

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Nick Digiovanni Net Worth

What is Nick Digiovanni’s Net Worth?

Nicholas “Nick” Digiovanni is his real name. He is mainly known for his famous cooking videos on Youtube. And also, Nick Digiovanni’s net worth is $1.5 Million. However, Youtube is not his only source of income; he earns through many other sources.

Biography of Nick DiGiovanni


Nick DiGiovanni was born on 1996 May 19 in Providence, US. He resides in BOSTON, Massachusetts, United States. His mother belongs to German and Italian ancestry, while his father is a mix of English and Persian origin. But unfortunately, the names of his father and mother are still unknown.

Nick has not talked about his parent’s identity in public. Maybe he’s not comfortable talking about them publicly. He has only talked about his ancestors and his ethnicity. And also, the information about his parent’s profession is still unknown.

Nick is commonly known as “Nick DiGiovanni .”Nick entertains the users with his shorts of quick recipes. He speeds up the content to bring it all together in under 1 minute. Also, the majority of his videos are not more than one minute. He creates videos, especially those dishes that are more on the unconventional side.

More Details of the Nicholas Digiovanni

Real Name: Nicholas Digiovanni

Nickname: Nick

Nationality: Italian American

Profession: Chef

Birthplace: Providence, and also the United States

Home town: Boston Massachusetts, and also the United States

DOB: 19 May 1996

Religion: Christianity

Nationality: American

Parents Name: N/A

Siblings Name: N/A

Day of Birth: Sunday

Height: 6 feet 2 inches

Weight: 70 Kg

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Ethnicity/Race: American

Year of Birth: 1996

Birth Sign: Taurus

And also, Birth Sign Duality: Passive

Birth Sign Modality & Element: Fixed Earth

Opposite Sign: Scorpio

Source of Income: Chef

And also, Marital Status: Single

Social Media Handle

Instagram: @nick.digiovanni

Twitter: @chefnickdigi

And also, LinkedIn: Nick DiGiovanni

Nick Digiovanni Net Worth and Income Source

Nick Digiovanni

Nick Digiovanni net worth sits down at $1.5 Million. However, according to our research, YouTube is not his only source of income. He also uses different social media platforms to earn. However, his official and also correct net worth would be much higher than this.

Net Worth: $1.5 Million

Previous Net Worth: N/A

Annual Income through ads: N/A

And also, 90 Days Income: $482k

30 Days Income: $122k

7 Day Income: $39.2k

And also, Source Of Income: Chef

Youtube Channel

Nick owns a youtube channel by his name Nick DiGiovanni”. He stays active and uploads regular content on his channel. He has earned 4.16 Million subscribers on youtube and has uploaded 350 videos on his channel. And also, the Total numeral of views on his channel is 1,433,427,302.

Subscribers: 4.16 Million

Videos: 350

And also, Views: 1,433,427,302.

All the information mentioned above related to Nicholas Digiovanni’s net worth might differ if his income statement gets released. Lastly, the experts estimate the mentioned figures at our headquarters.

Nick Digiovanni and Career

Nick Digiovanni and Career

Nick and Adam from Master Chef were the only two people who attended Harvard when they competed. Moreover, Nick was the first finalist to be eliminated during the finale. He was the first person who belonged from Rhode Island. Basically, the second Italian-American from New England.

The fourth Italian American finalist, Luca, Courtney, and Dino. He clenched the record for most team wins for his season, and Bri and also Fred. Almost the three of them won the first 3 Team Challenges. All three of them were in the same team to conquer those challenges. His compatibility with Dorian for winning most challenges in the 6th season.

He received success in most of his challenges through the immunity challenges. As a result, he holds a record for winning six immunity tasks. Apart from this, Nick was tied with the other constant, Whitney Miller, for being the youngest finalist.

At that time, he was 22 years old to appear on the show. After MasterChef, he created his youtube channel where he uploaded his cooking videos. As of 2022, Nick Digiovanni Net Worth is estimated to be roughly $1.5 Million.

Facts about Nick Digiovanni

He will be 26 years old by May 2022. He graduated from Harvard University. And also, Nick has three other siblings, all of which are boys. And also, he is the oldest one.

After appearing on MasterChef’s tenth season, he became famous as a chef and reality television personality. He was enthused to become a chef by his grandmother and also a great-grandmother. And also, Nick also co-founded the Vegetable-based start-up, Voodles, and also LLC.

Rise To Fame

In 2019, the 23-year-old boy stepped into the MasterChef audition with the only goal to get the apron, but the universe had better belongings intended for him. The judges loved Digiovanni’s Italian delicacy, handmade Lamb Raviolis, making him an arrogant recipient of the MasterChef apron.

The aspiring cook began cooking at eight to satisfy his cravings. When asked about his motivation, he shares how astonished he used to be to observe his grandmother and great-grandmother cooking in the kitchen.

Digiovanni grew more passionate with transitory days and, in the end, began working at a few local restaurants. Finally, he locked up at the Michelin three-star restaurant of San Fransisco, Benu, and exhausting time in Cambridge’s Waypoint’s kitchen.

Then at the age of 23, he determined to take his know-how to try out for MasterChef, Season 10. Nick frightened the judges Gordon Ramsay, Aarón Sanchez, and also Joe Bastianich with his cooking arts throughout the show.

Nick Digiovanni is seen tiring a MasterChef Apron

Despite his innovative modern style of cuisine that elevated the bar of theoretical cooking high, the youngest finalist in the show, Nick, came a small short of winning the title and had to settle for the third position.

After that, however, things started for this young man as he started creating videos on YouTube after reality ended. And also, Nick often uploaded videos where he showcased his precise knowledge of flavours very engagingly and took up various cooking challenges.

However, his video content reached as several people as possible on no occasion, and also he started all the notice that his cookery deserved. As of 2021, Nick has more than 6M followers on TikTok, 2M subscribers on YouTube, and more than 700k groups on Instagram.

As well as cooking, the youthful cooking prodigy also knows how to sprinkle a tiny bit of private enterprise. And also, it allowed him to be the creator of three companies and earn a significant amount of fortune.

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Nick DiGiovanni Frequently Asked Questions

Nick DiGiovanni Frequently Asked Questions

How many subscribers does Nick DiGiovanni have?

Nick DiGiovanni has 4,720,000 subs.

What is Nick DiGiovanni’s net worth?

The net worth of Nick DiGiovanni is approximately $ 2.13M.

How many videos does Nick DiGiovanni have?

Nick DiGiovanni uploaded 405 videos on youtube.

How much does Nick DiGiovanni make per 1000 views?

Nick DiGiovanni makes approximately $ 1.21 per 1000 views.

What is the monthly income of Nick DiGiovanni?

Nick DiGiovanni makes approximately $ 93.2K per month.

How many video views does Nick DiGiovanni have?

Nick DiGiovanni has 1,758,073,881 video views on youtube.

When did Nick DiGiovanni start a youtube channel?

Nick DiGiovanni started youtube on 2016-01-27.

Why is Nick Digiovanni famous?

He is famous for being a successful Chef.

Where is he from?

He is from the United States.

How tall is he?

His height is Not available.

How much does he earn?

Between $1 Million – $5 Million.

Is he married?

Marital information is not available.

How many children(s) does he have?

Not available.

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