Top 3 Youtube Downloader In 2021

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 youtube downloader

Nowadays, browsing YouTube to watch movies videos, learning videos, and listening to music in daily life has become necessary. Youtube is not only the source of digital entertainment, but it can also be an excellent environment for learning. Therefore, there is a growing need to download favorite videos, learning materials, or music to access them offline where network or wifi is not available.

However, finding software or an application out of millions of options online to download videos from Youtube easily is quite a difficult task. Considering the need of users, I have found the top 3 best Youtube downloader in 2021, which will help you out to download your favorite videos, no matter what format you want to have your files.


 youtube downloader is one of the best Youtube converters and downloading tools on the internet in 2021. This platform is convenient, fast, reliable, and helpful, especially for those who crave to watch videos offline. The uniqueness of this tool is that it does not only support videos but also different formats of audio such as FLAC, MP3, WAV, or OGG. This platform offers seven languages other than English for better streaming experiences.


  • Youtube Video Downloader
  • Youtube to MP3
  • Youtube to FLAC
  • Youtube Playlist Downloader
  • Youtube to OGG
  • Youtube Converter

How to Use YouTube Downloader?

To profit with this instrument, you need to follow the accompanying advances.

  1. Straightforwardly search the video’s watchword or title on the MP3DL.CC distributed bar.
  2. Or then again, you can duplicate the connection of the ideal video from the youtube address bar.
  3. Open the MP3DL.CC site and glue the URL on the bar.
  4. Snap “start now.”
  5. Pick the right yields from MP3, sound, video, Youtube to GIF creator, or time underneath thumbnail downloader.
  6. Prior to picking the record size, alter your video’s span by changing the time beneath the video.
  7. Snap” convert” to start the transformation interaction.
  8. Snap the red “Download” catch and set the objective envelope on your work area or PC.
  9. And you’re set.


 youtube downloader

BTCLOD is an online Youtube downloader, and this platform empowers you to download anything that you need from YouTube. This permits you to download MP3, playlists, or videos. Anything you need to download from YouTube onto your PC directly, and furthermore, you can convert your file in any format online.

  • YouTube Audio Downloader
  • YouTube Playlist Downloader
  • Lightning Quick Downloads
  • YouTube Video To MP3

There are millions of music and videos accessible over the internet for free and also for premium access. On almost all the premium sites, you can’t download until you accept any premium offer. Be that as it may, with BTCLOD you can download without any hesitation or breaking point.

Just follow the basic steps listed below to start using this amazing online application.

  1. You need to copy the URL of the video from the web browser’s address bar.
  2. Access the Youtube downloader’s landing page.
  3. Paste the Youtube video URL in the provided space on the Youtube downloader page.
  4. The youtube downloader provides a variety of options on what you want from the video. You might want to convert the video to MP3 or just download it to a specified folder.
  5. After clicking on the download option, your video or MP3 file will be transferred straight to the PC or device you are using.

Here, with this tool, you simply need to put the URL of the video in the given box. You have the alternative to have the file in a predefined folder on your PC or some other device you use. 

3. Ontiva

 youtube downloader

This, too, is a popular tool for downloading mp3 formats directly from YouTube. Right around 1,000,000 clients use this application. People like this platform due to its special feature highlights. Users don’t have to go to a different page or window to open YouTube. They can use the URL from YouTube or can either look on the search bar. The history is removed within twenty minutes. It is safe to use. It doesn’t work with the copied compose formats.

You can download unlimited converted files from the application. It upholds practically 4GB of data of any format. It permits editing too. It offers data in four subscriptions. It additionally offers a premium plan offered to paid members. Most of the key features available on this application are completely free of cost. In any case, for the advanced level work, it does offer membership to the users. The membership isn’t so expensive. The application works on cell phones also. The users of Android and iPhone can download the application.

  • Youtube to MP3
  • Youtube to MP4
  • Youtube video downloader
  • Convert Youtube Playlist
  • Youtube to WAV
  • Youtube Converter

How to Convert Youtube to MP3 using Ontive?

It is simple to use, and it has the following easy steps to follow.

  1. Click on the Youtube videos that you want to convert. Duplicate the connection of that video from the Youtube address bar.
  2. Open the Ontiva site and glue the URL on the bar. And afterward, click “start now.”
  3. On the left half of your screen, you will see the video you need to change over. What’s more, on the right side, there will be five yields you need to look over MP3, sound, video, youtube to GIf creator, and thumbnail downloader. Select the sort changing over design that you need to have your video or document.
  4. You can cut your video’s span by changing the time underneath the video prior to picking the record size.
  5. Snap “convert” to start the change cycle. The bigger the record, the more it takes to download.
  6. Click the red button “download” and set the destination folder on your PC; wait until the file is in your assigned folder.
  7. And you’re set!

An excellent part of this tool is that it is free to use. There are no malware and viruses on the website. While using this tool, there is no need for an account to download videos. You can access Ontiva on mobile phones as well, and you don’t need to play the video first to download it.


No matter if the video is in MP3, MP4, MOV, M4V, WMV, RM, MK, AVI, or any other format, the above-mentioned tools can help you in downloading videos or audio from Youtube directly. Every application or platform has its own pros and cons, so it totally depends on your preference or the type of file you want to download.

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