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Network Switches and Routers

A network switch allows two or more IT devices to communicate. In addition to connecting to end devices such as PCs and printers, the controllers can connect to other switches, routers, and firewalls, providing connectivity to additional devices. Network switches can also support virtual networking, allowing large networks of interconnected devices to communicate while segmenting certain groups of instruments from others, for security purposes, without the need for expensive and expensive physical networks.

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A router is a device that provides a WiFi connection, usually connected to a modem, and which sends information from the Internet to your devices, such as computers, phones, or tablets. The devices connected to your home’s Internet create your local area network (LAN).

Switch vs Router

The router is different; why say that? The router is an entirely different device compared to the switch. Unlike a hub or switch that deals with the transmission of frames, a router, as the name implies, is routing packets to other networks until that packet finally reaches its destination. One of the critical characteristics of a box is that it contains not only data but also the destination address from which it is going.

Routers can have a single WAN port and a single LAN port and are designed to attach to an existing LAN hub or switch to a WAN. The Ethernet hub and switch can connect to a router with multiple PC ports to get a more extensive LAN. Depending on the capabilities (types of ports available) of the router and the switches/hubs, the connection between the router and the switches/hubs may require straight-through or crossover (null modem) cables. Some routers still have USB ports and, more commonly, wireless access points built into them.

What are the Network Switch Management Features?

Before, we discussed the different types of switches that exist and some of the characteristics that each one has. But now we are going to see a complete list of elements and functionalities of a network switch (it must be taken into account that these could vary from one model to another or between manufacturers, so they will not always be the same):

Allows port management, enabling and disabling network ports at your convenience or for security reasons.

  • It supports configurations about the bandwidth that can be counted on.
  • Set quality of service (QoS) levels for a specific port.
  • MAC address and other access control functions can filter it.
  • SNMP monitoring of all connected devices, including the link itself, can be performed.
  • Configure port mirroring to monitor network traffic.

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