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MS Office (Microsoft Office) is a suite of applications designed to improve productivity and perform everyday tasks on a computer. And also, you can make and edit documents containing text and images, work with data in spreadsheets and databases, and make presentations and posters. Word. Stand out. For MS Office Write For Us, contact us at

MS Office Applications and their Functions

Currently, MS Office 2016 version use worldwide, and all its applications are extensively used for personal and business purposes.

Microsoft Office applications are described below with each of their features.

1. MS Word

  • First released October 25, 1983
  • The extension of doc files is “.doc.”
  • And also, it helps create text documents.
  • Templates for business use can be created using MS Word
  • Illustrations, colors, images, and animations can be added to the text in the same file, which can be downloaded as a document.
  • And also, Authors can use it to write/edit their work

Please see the linked article to learn more about Microsoft Word, its features, uses, and sample questions based on this Office Suite program.

2. Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel

  • They are mainly used for making spreadsheets.
  • A spreadsheet consists of grids in the form of rows and columns that are easy to manage and can replace paper.
  • And also, it is a data processing application.
  • Extensive data can easily manage and save in tabular form using MS Excel
  • Calculations can perform based on the large amount of data entered into cells in a spreadsheet within seconds.
  • When saved on the computer, the file extension is “.xls.”
  • And also, visit the Microsoft Excel page to learn more about this spreadsheet and its components.

3. MS PowerPoint

  • It was released on April 20, 1987.
  • And also, it is used to create audiovisual presentations.
  • Each presentation is made up of multiple slides that display data/information.
  • Each slide can contain audio, video, graphics, text, bullet numbers, tables, etc.
  • And also, the extension for PowerPoint presentations is “.ppt.”
  • They are mainly used for professional use.
  • With PowerPoint, presentations can be more interactive.

In terms of the graphical user interface, using MS PowerPoint, interesting and attractive presentations and documents can create. Furthermore, candidates can ensure the linked article knows more about its features and how to use it.

4. MS Access

  • It was released on November 13, 1992.
  • And also, it is a database management software (DBMS)
  • Tables, queries, forms, and reports can create in MS Access
  • Can import and export data to other formats
  • And also, the file extension is “.accdb.”

5. Microsoft Outlook

  • It was released on January 16, 1997.
  • It is a personal information management system.
  • And also, it can use as both a single-user application and multi-user software
  • Its features include task management, calendar, contact management, journaling, and web browsing.
  • It is the mail client of the Office suite.
  • And also, the file extension for an Outlook file is “.pst.”

6. Microsoft OneNote

  • It was released on November 19, 2003.
  • And also, it is an app for taking notes.
  • When introduced, it was simply part of the Office suite. Later, the developers made it accessible, standalone, and readily available on the play store for Android devices.
  • Notes can include images, text, tables, etc.
  • The OneNote file extension is “.one.”
  • And also, it can use both online and offline and is a multi-user application.

Apart from the applications mentioned above, several other applications include in the MS Office suite. Still, these are the most used ones, and questions based on them may also ask in the upcoming exams.

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