Best Android App Development Courses in 2022

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Best Android App Development Courses in 2022


If you are passionate about innovating mobile games and applications and want to learn how to develop Android applications and also become an Android Application Developer, you are at the right place.

There are various ways of developing a mobile application, and multiple courses are available to learn how to develop an android app and also become a proficient mobile app developer. As the world moves in the digital era, many learners are developing their interest in learning new technologies and making themselves experts in it. If you are eager to learn android app development, choose a good platform and the best learning methods and tutor for it.

Great Learning Academy and LinkedIn Learning are two popular platforms that provide different Android courses.

Before starting your journey of learning Mobile application development, you need to know a few crucial things about android application development:

  1. You should know about basic computer science and programming. Having experience or knowing the basics of programming will be accessible in learning application development.
  2. And also, after learning Android application development, what you will achieve, and how to use this knowledge in your career growth, freelancing, and business?

Mobile app development will have a great opportunity in 2022. If you are interested to learn Android development, it is very important to get hands-on experience in app development to deployment. For Android, you can choose Android with Java or Kotlin.

What is Android App Development?

Android app development is a method of creating online web applications working on the android operating system. Android applications are coded in different programming languages like Kotlin, Java, and C++ using an android software development kit(SDK). And also, the application can be developed using different programming languages and then tested. All non-Java virtual machine(JVM) languages such as Go, JavaScript, C, and C++ need JVM to work.

Mobile applications are developing day by day as they are very much involved in every sector of life like education, industry, healthcare, shopping, and many others. Application developers also have a great future from a career perspective, and you can also work as a freelancer and become an entrepreneur through application development. Before becoming a programmer in this century, you must know about application development. Thus, android application development skills will help career growth and give you more job opportunities.

Different platforms provide you with various courses in android application development to make the learning journey easy for you.
Here is a 3 step guide to learning Android application development in an effective way.

1. Select a Course

Various learning platforms provide you with different android application development courses, free or paid. After enrolling in the course, they can also provide you with the certificate. You can select one from various android application development courses, and also different platforms like great learning provide you with the courses.

2. Improving the Coding Skills

If you want to enroll yourself in application development, you need to improve your coding skills. If you are eager to learn Application development, you can choose different programming languages, and also, Android Developer Library also use for app development.

3. Moving to the next course

If you have completed a beginner-level course, you can move to the next course to fully understand application development. Learn various advanced android app development processes with the help of different learning platforms, increasing the chance of getting a job in a reputed company.

Top Ten Free Android App Development Courses in 2022

1. Android Application Development

Android App Development Course is a free beginner-level course by Great Learning.

And Android App Development deals with building applications for devices running on the Android operating system. Every action, from paying bills, booking rooms, fetching data, viewing videos and photos, communicating official and also personal messages, and everything else in this world within seconds at the tip of the finger. Android applications can develop using Kotlin, Java, and C++ programming languages through the Android software development kit, and other languages like Python can also use to develop Android applications.

This course is designed to help beginners by walking them through a range of topics to understand android app development. It also gives you an overview of Android Studio and demonstrates the working of android app development with sample projects.

After completing this Android App Development course and passing the quiz, you will get a free certificate to help you in your career journey.

You can also learn to build Android App with Python.

2. Android Development tips Weekly

Android Development tips weekly is an intermediate-level course offered by LinkedIn Learning. In this course, David Gassner shares tips and tricks that you can use to code smarter and create fast, reliable apps that look great. And also, David provides tips on various topics, some of which help you enhance your app’s user interface and others that focus on back-end processing. He covers some open-source libraries that can help you enhance your development workflow. You also earn a shareable certificate upon completion of this course.

3. Android Development Essential Training: Your First App with Kotlin

This is a beginner-level course offered by LinkedIn and is one of the best courses for Android app development. This Android Development Essential course helps learn the process of developing, designing, managing, and distributing Android apps. This course will teach you how to create your first Android app using programming languages like XML and Kotlin. You can learn how to configure Android Studio the Android SDK and explore the different files in a typical Android app. Finally, you will learn how an app build from the bottom up, with screens, activities, and layouts.

4. Android Studio Essential Training 2020

Android Studio Essential Training 2020 is a Beginner-level course that LinkedIn Learning offers. Software developers who desire to build Android apps need to be well-versed in Android Studio – The official Google IDE. And also, Android Studio contains great coding and debugging features and many tools unique to Android development, layout editors, resource managers, virtual device support, and many more.

This course helps you set up your environment and your first project and provides shortcuts for writing and debugging code. You can also study how to add versions manage and share projects on GitHub, manage project dependencies, use templates. And also, a job with Google’s preferred programming language for Android development, Kotlin.

5. Android App Development: Design Patterns for Mobile Architecture

Android App Development: Design Patterns for Mobile planning is an Intermediate level course offered by Linkedin Learning. And also, android Developers need to know how to manage an Android app’s complexity. This course gives you an overview of simplifying your apps by applying simple architectural design patterns to your mobile codebase. This course can help you learn to reduce bugs and maximize your development time by making your code easier to read and test.


And also, android Application Development is rising, and skilled Android Developers decently pay. These free android certificate courses will help you kick-start your career as an Android Developer.

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