Google Calendar Write For Us

Google Calendar Write For Us

Google Calendar write for us – Google Calendar is an online calendar that Google offers users free of charge. It combines an agenda, electronic calendar, event creator and other functions that make it easier for us to improve productivity and share them with our contacts. You can send your article to

As it is a search service, it comes pre-installed on most Android phones in the form of an application, but if you have an iPhone, a tablet or a PC, you can download it as a mobile app and a desktop version for a laptop.

How to Share Google Calendar?

How to Share Google Calendar?

Imagine that you want to play a game of tennis or go out for a few beers with some co-workers, but you can’t get it to them.

With Google Calendar, the problem is solved since you can share it with your contacts, and in case you are missing someone, you can always ask someone to add it or add it after they give you their phone number.

You can also leave settings in the upper right corner with the wheel. Once inside, please scroll to the Settings of my calendars, go inside and choose the calendar you want to share.

Remember that you can have several, personal, work and your family. Please choose the one you want to share, the contact(s) you wish to have, and that’s it.

If you want to share an occasion with your plan, you can choose the people you want to attend, a notice of the place, and a scheduled alert for each person who will listen in the event section. Attend the event.

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