BSc Biotechnology – Study, Types, Scope, and More

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bsc biotechnology

BSc Biotechnology is a 3-year undergraduate course that allows candidates to learn how technology creates valuable and necessary products from living organisms. And also, every year, 40,000 students graduate in biotechnology from more than 302 biotechnology colleges in India.

Applicants must achieve a 10 + 2 level from any recognized school board with physics, chemistry, and biology as compulsory subjects to be eligible for the BSc Biotechnology. And also, admission to BSc Biotechnology is strictly based on the candidate’s qualifications obtained at the upper secondary level.

However, some of the best BSc Biotech Universities in India run their entrance tests to clear admission to this course, usually followed by a personal interview session for final selection. And also, distance learning biotechnology bachelor’s classes are also available for applicants who cannot complete a regular biotechnology bachelor’s degree course.

And also, the Bachelor of Biotechnology program includes Organic Mechanisms in Biology, Microbial Genetics, Molecular Genetics, DNA Typing, Proteomics and also beyond, etc.

After completing the BSc Biotechnology, students can opt for the MSc Biotechnology or other similar biotechnology courses available in India to further their career in biotechnology.

About the BSc Biotechnology

BSc Biotechnology is one of the most critical areas of modern scientific research. And also, the field deals with applying biology and also different techniques to modify products to use for human needs. And also, the three-year undergraduate course equips applicants with the skills to alter the DNA of various living organisms.

Why Study BSc Biotechnology?

bsc biotechnology

BSc Biotechnology has many potential career opportunities for students. And also, some of the benefits of following the degree program in biotechnology are as follows:

  1. Upon completing this course, candidates will equip with the skills to excel in bioinformatics and computer-aided research and analysis.
  2. Since this training covers various practices and technical knowledge required in the medical field, it opens up many candidates’ career prospects.
  3. And also, due to the continuous innovation found in all industries these days, students can assure of the longevity of their jobs with their knowledge in computer science. And also, this lets students adapt their skills and expertise to any change in the industry.
  4. Candidates who keep their knowledge up-to-date with current trends and data will also have the opportunity to diversify in education. And also, it is quite a popular career for graduates of the biotechnology degree.
  5. Another unique feature of this course is a management and entrepreneurship document in the last semester. This equips graduates with the skills to fill managerial and administrative positions successfully.
  6. And also, the average annual salary earned by a biotechnology graduate ranges from 3,000,000 to 8,000,000 INR.

Who Should Study BSc Biotechnology?

Applicants who are interested in genetics should pursue this subject as a career option. The career of a biotechnologist requires continuous research in different fields. And also, candidates who are passionate about research may opt for this course.

The biotechnologist works to alter the genetic material of plants and animals to increase the production of food and livestock. And also, applicants wishing to work in the field of food safety may find interest in this course.

And also, students who are enthusiastic about drug and vaccine development can take this course. Applicants who are professionals can pursue a BSc in Biotechnology on a part-time or distance basis.

When Should You Study BSc Biotechnology?

The course must take immediately after completing the twelfth exam or equivalent for those taking a regular class.

Candidates who are working can do their B.Sc in Biotechnology is remotely or part-time. And also, applicants should take this course when they have decided to pursue a primarily research-based career.

Types of BSc Biotechnology

bsc biotechnology

BSc Biotechnology is emerging as a niche subject with good job opportunities for applicants in India. And also, to meet the growing demand from students. And also, BSc Biotechnology offers full-time and distance learning modes.

Full-Time BSc Biotechnology

The Full-Time Bachelor of Biotechnology is a 3-year course that involves an advanced study of cellular and biomolecular processes involved in developing various technologies and products. And also, it helps improve people’s lives and health.

And also, admission to the course base on a list of merits. However, some colleges offer access through entrance exams. The main entrance exams are DUET, KCET, and also KIITEE, etc.

The best universities: The New College, Chennai, Christ University, Fergusson College, and also Mumbai, etc.

Distance BSc Biotechnology

The duration of the distance education baccalaureate in biotechnology varies between 3 and 6 years.

BSc Biotechnology’s remote mode is ideal for working professionals. However, it is advisable to continue the studies in normal mode because they are very oriented towards the practice.

And also, distance learning courses in biotechnology are available at different universities such as Mahatma Gandhi University and Shobhit University.

And also, candidates must pass their 12th exam or the equivalent of any recognized jury with a minimum score of 45%.

Scope of the BSc Biotechnology

After completing the BSc Biotechnology course, students have a wealth of career options. And also, future fields of application for BSc Biotechnology students are detailed below:

Higher and Advanced Education: Students can opt for higher education after completing their BSc Biotechnology course. And also, the higher education options they can take are:

  • B.Ed.: Those who wish to pursue a teaching career in public or private schools may consider enrolling in a B.Ed. And also, this course can provide them with the knowledge to teach at different grade levels.
  • MSc. : If one wishes to study in the same field of education, he can opt for a Master’s Degree in Biotechnology. And also, this is a two-year course, and also the eligibility criteria include a bachelor’s degree in biotechnology.

Contests: Students, after graduating in biotechnology, can participate in different competitions for government jobs, including UPSC CSE, IFS, and also PSC from other states.

Thus, upon completing the biotechnology degree program, students will choose a career based on their skills and area of interest. And also, you can go to higher education, or you can also look for a decent job.

Course Highlights of BSc Biotechnology

Course Level Student
Full-Form BSc Biotechnology – Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology
Duration 3 years
Eligibility Candidates must pass their 12th or equivalent exam with at least 55-60% marks. And also, some colleges take admission founded on admission tests.
Average Annual Fees Rs Fifty Thousands to Two Lakhs
Top Colleges JMI New Delhi, St. Xavier College, Ahmedabad, Fergusson College, Pune, and so on.
Subjects Principles of Immunology, Plant Biotechnology, Plant and also Animal Tissue Culture Techniques and applications, and so on.
Top Recruiting Sectors Genomics Business Development, Marketing Biotech, Biotech Product, Cancer Biology, and also so on.
Job Positions Biochemist, Epidemiologist, Lab Technician, and so on.
And also, Average Annual Salary  Rs Three Lakhs to Eight Lakhs

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