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yogi tamil

Yogi Tamil

Yogi Tamil – Yogi (2009) Tamil-language Indian action drama film. The film follows Yogi, a criminal living in a slum who lives on murder and robbery. When pursued by the police during a wave of robberies, Yogi steals a woman’s car and manages to escape. His life begins to change when he realizes that there is a baby inside the car, and he cannot let go even if he tries to do so by getting out of the getaway car.

In October 2007, Yogi premiered in theatres on November 27, 2009, open to mixed reviews. Critics praised the performances but criticized the excessive melodrama, slow pace, and similarities to Tsotsi. It became a moderate box office success. The same year, it screens at the 6th Dubai International Film Festival.

Details of Yogi Tamil Movie

Director: Subramaniam Siva

Producer: Ameer

Screenplay: Ameer

Story: Subramaniam Siva


  • Ameer as Yogeshwaran (Yogi)
  • Madhumitha as Rajasulochana
  • Swathi as Caroline Linden
  • Vincent Asokan as Linden Fernando
  • Snehan as Sadai
  • Ganja Karuppu as “Stills” Mani
  • Babu as Aspiring Actor

Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja

Cinematography: R. B. Gurudev

Editor: Ram Sudharsan

Production Company: Teamwork Production House

Release Date: 27 November 2009

Running Time: 145 minutes

Country: India

And also, Language: Tamil





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More About the Yogi Tamil

Yogeshwaran, aka Yogi, and his band of three live in a slum, living off robberies and murders without human feelings. Yogi, in particular, has a dark clandestine about his bad past, which he keeps to himself. One day, during a wave of robberies, the police chase him. He becomes into a car parked by a woman in front of a greengrocer and manages to escape when he suddenly hears the cry of a child, finding a three-month-old baby in the back seat of the car.

And also, he leaves the car and leaves the baby there, but when he hears the baby’s cry, he moves, and the human being in him wakes up. He comes back to shove the baby in a big shopping bag and takes him home. He skins the baby from the rest of his gang and stabs to take care of the baby alone.

More Story

Yogi, then at gunpoint, forced Rajasulochana, a young mother from Andhra Pradesh who had been abandoned by her husband, to breastfeed this baby. Meanwhile, it is revealed that the boy’s birth mother, Caroline, is desperate to get her son back, while her husband Linden, who happens to be the baby’s stepfather, searches with the help of thugs for the baby who wants. Dead.

Meanwhile, Yogi slowly transforms, transforming into a new man thanks to the baby, seemingly causing feelings in him, even planning to stay and raise the child himself. A flashback discloses his past, where he had a painful childhood when his sadistic father, a beggar, terrorized him. The latter was responsible for the death of his mother and sister and for turning Yogi into a bully. However, he changes his tactics and decides to reunite the baby with his mother, but unfortunately, the child slips into Linden’s hands. And also, Yogi learns that Linden wants to kill the baby and tries to avoid him and save the baby.

Yogi Tamil Movie Songs

  1. Yogi Yogi Thaan
  2. And also, Yogi Yogi Thaan Version Ii
  3. Yogi Theme Music
  4. And also, Yogi Theme In Saarangi
  5. Yaarodu Yaaro
  6. Seermevum Koovathiley


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