Tony and Tina’s Wedding – Watch and Stream

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Tony and Tina's Wedding – Watch and Stream

Tony and Tina’s Wedding

Tony and Tina's Wedding

Tony and Tina’s Wedding is the story of childhood sweethearts who choose the next most incredible thing to do after high school: get married. Tina and her circle of friends are not the kind of kids who go off to Princeton or Stanford. They may study at Community Colleges, but their goals in life are to get married and have a family. Tony and his gang don’t even have the option of attending community college. They are already working and earning their way through the school of Hard Heads, Queens, New York. Tony is a street kid but not a thug or addict. He’s a hustler about to be hustled into taking over his Dad’s GoGo Bar. He’s also marrying Tina even though she isn’t pregnant yet. “It‘s the right thing to do,” Tony has often said to himself and others. “Why wait ‘till you knock her up, you know?”

Details of the Tony and Tina’s Wedding

Directed: Roger Paradiso

Written: Roger Paradiso

Produced: Tony Travis, Michael Tadross, and also Mark Lipsky

Star: Joey McIntyre, Mila Kunis, and also Adrian Grenier

Distributed: Emerging Pictures

Release Date: November 30, 2007 (limited)

Running Time: 106 minutes (theatrical version) and also 110 minutes (DVD)

Country: United States

Writer-director Roger Paradiso “freely” adapted the play for film—”filmed primarily from the point of view of a lisping videographer”—with Joey McIntyre and Mila Kunis playing the title characters. The film premiered on May 3, 2004, at the Tribeca Film Festival and had a limited theatrical run three-and-a-half years later.

Upon its release, Slant Magazine gave the film zero out of four stars, calling it a “relentlessly unfunny detonation” of the play and a “tin-eared disaster” featuring “profanity delivered at a Mamet-like rate.” The New York Times called the film a “dated send-up of low-class comportment” and, noting the film’s limited release, said, “exactly how limited will depend on your tolerance for tasteless behavior, extravagant overacting and a decibel level to rival the unveiling of Oprah’s Favorite Things.”

The film has since been released on DVD.

Trailer to Watch the Tony and Tina’s Wedding

Synopsis of Tony and Tina’s Wedding

For the first few minutes, everything is shown from Tony’s or Tina’s point of view. The setting is in or near New York City. One sign says “Massapequa.” Both families are from Queens.

Then, outside the church is the blue-haired filmmaker Raphael. Well, the part that hangs down in his face is blue. He is in charge of making a film about the wedding, and finally, Tina and Tony get out of their cars. Inside the church and for the rest of the movie, the viewer sees the point of view of one of the multiple cameras.

Barry is the best man, and he wishes he could take drugs to get through this terrible experience (but he’s not allowed to). He is having a baby with his maid of honor, Connie, who nevertheless continues to smoke and drink.

Tony’s father is now with Maddy, a woman who looks like a hooker. This is understandable as he runs the respectable (his word) strip club Animal Kingdom. A priest molested Dad as a boy, and still has hostility toward priests (he hits one) and the church.


Tina’s mom is described as Morticia. She is scary-looking, but the Addams’ wife (Carolyn Jones’s version) is prettier and likable. Mom is demanding and unpleasant and constantly reminds us Vito died putting up Christmas decorations. It’s not clear whether Vito was Tina’s father.

Inside the church, one of the female guests is crying like this is a funeral. He was crying. This is a Catholic church. Father Mark, the priest conducting the ceremony, is black, which wouldn’t mean anything except he behaves in the style of a black preacher and refers to the crazy white people. When he asks if anyone objects, Michael, Tina’s ex, tries to answer but is silenced. Michael shows up late and is there to make trouble, but he’s too much of a wimp to have any success, either at the ceremony or later. The priest is asked to finish up quickly because Tina is not feeling so good, so he skips Mass, explaining that it is hot and the church has no air conditioning.

And it’s off to the reception at Vinnie’s Coliseum. Vinnie is a standup comic. He based the place on the movie “Spartacus” and has gladiators as waiters. The women who work there have on some sexy outfits. Some statues are blurred when the film is edited for TV. Maybe anatomically correct statues.

The reception has the usual comic moments and some very unusual misadventures.

Synopsis of Tony and Tina's Wedding


It is a comedy about two Italian families from different borders of the paths. What can go wrong does go wrong in this wedding about an Italian-American marriage?

Tony ‘n’ Tina’s Wedding” is the narrative of childhood sweethearts who choose the next calmest thing to do after high school is to get wedded, but can Tony and Tina’s wedding live their wedding day? Tina expressions “the happiest day of her life” with two abnormal families fighting over switch of her wedding and marriage. Tony is annoying to “keep the lid on it” and seepage the day with his wife still married to him.

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