New Online Casino Apps allow Everyone to Enjoy a Game of Poker 

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New Online Casino Apps allow Everyone to Enjoy a Game of Poker 

New Online Casino Apps – Card games form part of many family traditions, especially in India, and most of us know a few, from family favourites like snap, which we learned as kids, to solitaire variations such as freecell and klondike that have been staples on phones and PCs since the 1990s. Yet the most famous card game of them all is one that amateurs tend to approach with trepidation.  

Everyone knows the basic principles of poker, in as much as a royal flush beats a full house and a full house beats a pair. Yet the game has so much folklore attached to it thanks to movies like Casino Royale or The Cincinnati Kid that people can be nervous about giving it a try.  

That’s a shame, as poker is a game that everyone can enjoy, and without dedicating hours to practicing bluffs and reads. Poker has been a talking point in India since the launch of the National Poker Series last year. Also, the emergence of new online casino apps and especially live games has made poker far more accessible to all by offering single-player variations where you don’t have to worry about going up against other players.  

Video Poker

Video Poker

Whether you are playing in India, the US or Europe, most new poker players start with video poker, and some enjoy it so much that they never bother with anything else! The game is very simple to understand and is based on a variation called the five-card draw. The computer deals a five-card hand, and you have one opportunity to decide which cards to hold and which to have redealt in order to be left with your final hand.  

In India, the standard video poker game is “jacks or better.” There is a payout for a pair of jacks or higher. If you choose to play video poker online in India, the best casino platforms will offer a range of other video poker games too, such as “deuces wild”, “joker poker” and others. These all follow the same basic rules but have extra features such as wild cards, and these alter the potential payouts. They also allow for extra types of winning hands – for example, with wild cards in play, five of a kind becomes a possibility.  

3-Card Poker

As the name implies, this game involves just a three-card hand. There is no holding or redealing here, and your hand is up against the dealers. It is a more social game as you can play alongside other players, and is popular in Indian casino resorts like Goa as well as online. Like blackjack, each player’s hand is compared only with the dealers, you are not playing one another. 

With just three cards, there are fewer possible winning combinations, so three card poker strategy is quite easy to learn.   

Casino Holdem

Some people are happy to just play poker games against the computer or a dealer. Others dream of progressing and becoming confident enough to go up against other players in a game like Texas Holdem.  

 In either case, Casino Holdem is a fun variation that is becoming exceptionally popular at online casinos. Originally created as a Texas Holdem training tool, it is, again, just you against the dealer. This time, each of you selects the best hand from your own two cards and the community cards in the middle of the table.  

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