What is Miniproxy? – Is it Safe To Use Proxy in 2024?

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What is Miniproxy? - Is it Safe To Use Proxy in 2022?

Miniproxy is a Ruby library typically used in test and mock applications. You can download it from GitHub. miniproxy has no bugs, vulnerabilities, a permissive license, and weak support.

A small proxy server with stub for testing HTTP(S) interactions.

The Internet is the most excellent center of information on any subject, query, or search for a solution to a problem. But you may have to deal with issues like slow browsing, restricted websites, and others by checking some solutions.

How can you overcome these issues? Do you feel bad about it? Don’t worry because we are now with the proxy network discussion. We will talk about miniproxy in this blog and let you know whether or not it is safe to use this software or service.

Let’s review the following areas to learn about miniproxy and its related queries.

What is Miniproxy?

What is Miniproxy?

It is one of the oldest programs to enter the domain of website proxying. It is a simple web proxy written in PHP language that allows you to bypass the system of a specific website and access it.

Miniproxy was created and launched in 2005, long before the evaluation in the internet world. While using this system, you will be browsing websites as an anonymous user. Simply put, your identity will not be shown to anyone on the internet or on the backend of a website.

You can generally stay safe, surf anonymously, and feel comfortable on the Internet. You are now familiar with the mini proxy network. Let’s take a look at the features people use it for on a large scale.

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Why do People use the Proxy on the Home Network?

A question comes up in almost everyone’s mind, “why do we need to use a proxy network?” So here we have listed some features by reading that you may know to answer this query.

To Access the Site

The main problem in the Internet age is the restrictions imposed on certain websites. It has been found that some regions have restricted access to certain websites due to various issues. By using miniproxy, you will be able to access these sites. It will allow you to have a presence in that specific region by choosing it using the options given there.

To preserve Confidentiality

Sometimes you may not want to show your identity on the internet. In such a case, it will help and allow you to surf the internet anonymously without displaying your name or IP address. Using a proxy network, you will act like a ghost on the internet that no one can see, even with some unique techniques.

How does Miniproxy Work?

How does Miniproxy Work?

miniproxy scans your application directory (configurable) and opens each package.json file. If it finds a route quality, it will use it to arrange the proxy. After all the routing information is collected, the proxy starts running.

Example of package.json containing the attributes of a route:


“name”: “app1”,

“version”: “0.1.0”,

“routes”: {

“app1.dev”: “9001”,

“www.app1.dev”: “9001”


“scripts”: {

“start”: “app1.js”



After reading this package.json file, the miniproxy will route hosts app1.dev and www.app1.dev to localhost:9001.

Details of Miniproxy


Miniproxy has a slow ecosystem.

It has 12 star(s) with 2 fork(s). There are 8 observers for this library.

There have been no major releases in the last 12 months.

And also, there are 0 open topics, and 2 have been closed. On average, issues are completed within 8 days. There are no pull requests.

It has a neutral sentiment in the developer community.

The latest version of miniproxy is up to date.


Miniproxy did not report any errors.


Miniproxy has not reported any vulnerabilities, and its dependent libraries have not reported any vulnerabilities.


Miniproxy license under the MIT license. This license is permissive.

Permissive licenses have the fewest restrictions, and you can use them for most projects.


Miniproxy versions are not available. You will need to compile from the basic code and install it.

Installation instructions, examples, and code snippets are available.

Main Features Reviewed by Kandi – BETA

Kandi reviewed miniproxy and discovered its main features below. This intends to give you an instant overview of the features implemented by miniproxy and help you decide if they meet your needs.

  • Initializes a new request to the server.
  • Helper method to handle request handler
  • Add stubs to stub
  • Is the request a request?
  • Delete all keys from the query.
  • Returns true if the server has a server.
  • Retrieve the certificate from the certificate file
  • Add an HTTP request to the query.
  • set port
  • empty messages
  • More about library

Is it Safe to Download and use Miniproxy in 2022?

The main question that comes to mind is how secure you are when browsing the internet using a mini-proxy network. As we mentioned, it launch in 2005, so it is common to receive these questions.

Miniproxy is not safe to download, install and use on the Internet. The reason for this is that the company stopped making updates to this network for a few years. This means you cannot tell you are currently browsing on a secure network.

If you use this outdated tool, your system may hack or attack by viruses. Therefore, you should be careful before using this network.

Why is it not Safe Now to Use a Proxy Network?

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As the network allows us to browse anonymously, it is not secure. Can you estimate the number of improvements made to the Internet compared to 2005? That’s the question people ask us.

Don’t you know that the internet is pretty intelligent and there are different ways to block such activities? You are fully aware of this. So how can you tell a website won’t have a clue about your fake presence?

When you use a proxy network to access a platform, you give way to threats to gain access to your system. Since the mini proxy is an outdated tool and has no preventive measures, it can be easily attacked.

A competent person who knows the flaws can easily access your system and damage your data. In turn, you will lose your data and face issues like blackmail.

What can you do if you Want to access Certain Restricted Websites?

Of course, you may need to access certain websites that are not available in your region. To do this, you cannot move to a specific area because it costs too much. So here is the answer to your difficulty.

You should use the best VPN for this type of browsing. This will help you gain a virtual presence in a specific country or region. Doing this allows you to bypass the system without a fake company.


In the previous blog, we checked and reviewed the miniproxy network. It is possible that you got your answers regarding this network. Therefore, you must be careful and active when browsing any website or platform.

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