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Medical software comprises various tools that healthcare providers and medical practices use to manage patient care, streamline workflows, and save time without risking sensitive patient data. You can send your article to

Main SaaS Categories in Medical Software

Main SaaS Categories in Medical Software

While many hospitals and big practice groups may decide on a multi-tool system, the price can be prohibitive for some practices. These better software-as-a-service (SaaS) tools offer functionality similar to enterprise medical software modules but at a lower cost. Small businesses and sole proprietorships may find that outsourcing and integrating these types of software as needed can help reduce overhead and implementation time.

1. Billing Software

A subset of doing management software, standalone billing software helps providers move from manually submitting claims using paper files and faxes to an automated process. Although practice management systems, electronic medical record systems, and billing systems are moving toward integration, you can still purchase standalone versions of each. Like the additional two types of software, billing software varies in complexity depending on the specific product.

Due to the different inpatient, outpatient, and specialty practice requirements, buyers can easily find billing software that meets their business requirements. The benefits of implementing billing software are like for many organizations:

  • Reduction of typing errors
  • income increase
  • Decrease in negatives
  • Better control over the revenue cycle

Reducing administrative errors is obvious: without managing mountains of paper files, information organization becomes more accessible. More accurate billing leads to higher revenue and fewer rejects, and this type of software can produce reports that identify overcoming patterns. These reports help providers determine which procedures to code and which payers will accept the code. Ultimately, better control over your income cycle leads to faster and more accurate claims filing.

2. Ambulatory Software

Ambulatory care software is specialized medical software that meets the supplies of ambulatory and ambulatory care centers. These software options come in numerous best-in-class and multi-tool options of other medical software but with tools that meet the needs of hospital-affiliated or independent outpatient care centers.

3. Long-Term Care

Long-term care software offers advantageous features for long-term care facilities or facilities that house patients for long-term physical rehabilitation. These centres include:

  • Nursing homes, continuing care retirement communities, skilled nursing facilities,
  • Assisted or autonomous residences
  • Home care

Each has different care requirements, and software companies have created billing, medical planning, and patient care tools to suit their needs. These systems also include marketing and CRM functions to manage relationships with patients and their families.

4. Behavioral Health

Behavioral health software is specialized medical software for behavioral and mental health providers. While these professionals often practice in hospitals, private practices, outpatient clinics, and other medical facilities, the professionals’ needs require a specialized or custom software solution outside the general patient or practice management.

Many physicians and practices could get away with using a generalized practice management solution for billing and patient scheduling. Practices needing resource allocation tools for room assignment and equipment testing may want to consider behavioral health software, as these features are only available in enterprise medical software or medical ERP software.

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