File Format Write For Us

File Format Write For Us

The file format is a file structure that tells a program how to display its contents—for example, a Microsoft Word document saved in the. DOC file format is best viewed in Microsoft Word. Even if another program can open the file, it may not have all the functionality to display the document correctly. You can send your article to

Programs that support a file format may provide an overview of a file, but they may not be able to view all file features. Also, some programs that open an unsupported file format can generate garbage.

Common File Format

Below is a list of standard file formats you will most likely encounter when working on a computer. Click on one of the links below for more information on the file type or extension.

File type File extension:

Text – .asc .doc .docx .rtf .msg, .pdf .txt .wpd .wps

Picture – .bmp .eps .gif .jpg .pict .png .psd .tif

Sound – .aac .au .mid .mp3 .ra .snd .wma .wav

Video – .avi .mp4 .mpg .mov .wmv

Program – .bat .com .exe

Compressed – .arc .arj .gz .hqx .rar .sit .tar .z .zip

Can I Save a File in a Different File Format?

Can I Save a File in a Different File Format?

Yes, if the plan you use supports the other file format you wish to use. For example, in Microsoft Excel, if you want to edit a spreadsheet in CSV format, you can choose the Save As option to save it in CSV format.

However, if the program did not carry the file format, it could not save the file in a different form. If you need another file format, you need a program that can open both types of files or a file converter to convert from one file format to another.

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