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element materials technology

Element Materials Technology Definition

Element Materials Technology is the global leader in product and material qualification testing in the aerospace, oil and gas, and transportation markets.

It focuses on two main areas, material testing, and product qualification, intending to ensure that materials. And also products used in some of the world’s most advanced industrial sectors are safe, commercial-grade. Meet all industry standards, and, most importantly, they are suitable for their end application.

And also, the element serves a global customer base of Tier 2 and Tier 3 OEM suppliers and has a broad portfolio of OEM-managed customer approvals and accreditations. The company, which has been around for nearly 200 years, operates in the global market for outsourced materials testing.

And also, it has 34 laboratories in the United States and 19 in Europe and serves a long-standing customer base of more than 10,000 aerospace, oil and gas, and transportation companies worldwide. Element is a platform investment with significant consolidation potential in a market enjoying structural growth in testing, inspection, and certification.

What are the Benefits of Element Materials Technology?

Content Hub provides Element with additional control over the user experience and customer journey, ensuring that relevant content is easily accessible to drive engagement and lead generation.

Element is a unique organization with a wide range of backgrounds. And also, the nucleus enabled the organization to display this knowledge through compelling and authoritative content, helping them position themselves as thought leaders.

Nucleus provides a central hub for local information and knowledge of real-time practice methods from an employee perspective. And also, digital media is helping to bring the organization closer and align with its 61 laboratories in Europe and the United States. The Content Hub should also help attract future like-minded employees.

The mobile responsive hub is easy to navigate and visually conforms to the Element brand. In the future, Element will be able to measure site performance against the defined building blocks of the Digital Measurement Framework. And also, it including analytical reviews to help guide future marketing decisions.

1. Services

Element Materials Technology’s engineering and materials testing services add value at any stage of the project or product lifecycle. Element’s experts conduct in-depth research that yields valuable information to optimize processes and product performance from initial design to manufacturing to field maintenance and also add value to your business.

2. Materials Testing

Element Materials Technology provides analytical services for a wide range of materials used in various industries and applications. These include chemical analysis, mechanical testing, metallurgical analysis, and metallography. And also, elements experts also experience testing polymers, such as plastics, rubbers, elastomers, paints/coatings, adhesives, lubricants, and organic chemicals. And also dimensional inspections, including first article inspections, reverse engineering, mold qualifications, and process capability studies.

3. Product Development and Qualification Tests

Element operates laboratories specializing in custom testing for biomedical, aerospace, military, defense, automotive, architectural / construction, and other industries. Our capabilities include hydraulic and also pneumatic testing, environmental simulation. EMI and EMC testing, fire and flammability testing, and also much more.

4. Non-Destructive Testing

From visual inspections to radiographic techniques, ultrasonic evaluations to mold qualifications, methods, Element Materials Technology offers a comprehensive portfolio of inspection and non-destructive testing services that work to optimize production termination and secure countryside.

5. Breakdown Analysis and Advice

Element’s experts conduct extensive research and analysis to determine the root cause of part and assembly failures and identify ways to prevent future problems. By working quickly, thoroughly, and using the latest analytical equipment and materials characterization techniques. And also, the element delivers clear answers that ultimately provide bottom-line results.

Our services include: fatigue testing, fractography, expert observer services, manufacturing process evaluation, corrosion consulting, reverse engineering, corrosion testing, residue analysis, failure analysis of advanced materials and polymers, design evaluation product, material selection, site surveys, and also welding studies

6. Calibration

Our calibration laboratories are located in Europe, specializing in calibrating pressure, temperature, humidity, electrical, geometric, and also mechanical instruments. Wide range, high precision, and also short response time are part of our service. All calibrations are noticeable to national and international standards, and supporting certificates provide.

7. Engineering of Building Materials

Element’s professional engineers and certified technicians provide sampling and testing services for various construction materials and processes, including concrete, asphalt, aggregate, and also soil. Element is also a recognized leader in engineering and geotechnical testing services, providing comprehensive analytical and advisory support.

8. Surface Finishing

When properly designated and applied, thermally sprayed coatings, such as ceramic, metal, and polymer. And also, it can help minimize or even prevent common part failures. Element offers a complete line of thermal spray surface treatments that extend the life of your parts and ultimately maximize the efficiency of your processes.

9. Consulting Services

Element Materials Technology engineers and scientists often appearance beyond test results to explore the reasons for failures or problems and then determine how they can resolve. In addition, our comprehensive consulting services can help facilitate your product/process development, maximizing production efficiency and also shortening time to market.

10. Welding Engineering

Element’s laboratories staff with CWI and CWEng certified staff with experience in all aspects of ferrous. And also, non-ferrous polymer properties and welding requirements. Our range of weld testing services includes training and qualification of welding procedures, development of welding procedures, analysis of weld failures, analysis of weld quality, weld repairs, and calibration of the welding machine.

11. Quality

At Element, quality is our job, and that includes our clients’ quality programs and goals. Our laboratories support a dedicated team of quality managers who continuously audit, evaluate and improve our processes and procedures. Some of the accreditations and approvals include ISO 17025, Nadcap, A2LA, AAMA, TÜV America. And also, commercial endorsements from Lockheed Martin, GM, Verizon, Boeing, Honeywell, Honda, Westinghouse, and Bell Helicopter.


Element Materials Technology is the documented leader in materials testing and product qualification testing for the aerospace, oil, gas, and also transportation industries. They wanted to create a gratified hub to display rich and informative content in a search hub, confirming confidence in the Element brand as thought and market leaders in their selected industries.

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