Communication Write For Us

Communication Write For Us

Communication is a Latin word meaning ‘sharing’. It is the exchange of information between different individuals. It includes sharing ideas, concepts, imaginations, behaviors, and written content. Communication is defined as the transfer of information from one place to another. This transfer of data can be done in different ways. For communication Write For Us, contact us at

Communication is a simple process, but it shows complexity in some aspects. The different forms of communication and the distances over which information must be transferred complicate the process.

Types of Communication

Types of Communication

There are different types of information. The two main types are verbal communication and non-verbal communication.

Verbal Communication

Verbal communication is the exchange of information through speech. It includes the data that people hear on radios, televisions, telephones, speeches, and interviews.

Effective verbal communication incorporates the use of interpersonal skills. The factors that contribute to the effectiveness of oral communication are the clarity of the voice and the perception and listening ability of the receiver.

Verbal communication is generally based on immediate responses if carried out in a two-way loop. Eye contact, gestures, and facial expressions also influence verbal communication. The receiver’s listening and comprehension skills help him understand the context of the information and develop his responses accordingly. Linguistics and how information is presented build the communication crash on the receiver.

Non-Verbal Communication

They have written or spoken words that are not the only means of sharing a message. When there is no utilization of words, and the receiver understands what the sender is asking, it is known as non-verbal communication. Nonverbal communication involves eye contact, postures, gestures, facial expressions, timing, and haptics.

Images are also a great way to represent any information. Using images, symbols, and graphics can help a person communicate effectively. Even a person’s hairstyles and clothing convey information about his nature, mood, and intentions. People use architecture and different colors and textures for home and office surface to represent their interests and preferences.

Written Communication

Written communication includes the type of information transfer where a message is encoded in written form. The letter may be written in words only or contain different symbols or sometimes even machine codes.

Written communication is influenced by an individual’s writing and representation skills. The reported message is developed with the audience in mind. Different audiences have different levels of perceptual abilities. Other types of messages require different writing techniques. Like an analytical report, it is written very differently than a CV or an essay.

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