7 Things To Keep In Mind Before Buying A Smartwatch In 2024

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7 Things To Keep In Mind

Smartwatches are the craze amongst people of all age groups! And why not? They are that amazing! They sit on wrists and you can do a wide range of things with a few taps on your wrist!

But buying the best smartwatch can be a daunting task! Especially in the current times where the market is already flooding with so many options.

But if you are planning on buying a smartwatch but do not know how to pick one, then today is your lucky day! As we are here to help you with a few pointers that you should be keeping in mind before making a purchase.

The first and most important thing that you need to do before finding a smartwatch is to identify the use of a smartwatch for yourself! This is because smartwatches come with a wide range of features and there is a possibility that not all of them will suit your requirement. Hence, ask yourself – What is it that you want your smartwatch to do for you? Are you looking for something that makes your life productive and efficient? Then look for the one that supports smart features of your choice. Or are you looking for something that helps you meet your fitness goals? Then you might even go for a simpler fitness band.

Whatever be the case, once you have established the usage of your smartwatch, it will be easier for you to pick one!

Below are a few pointers that you should be keeping in mind before buying a smartwatch:

How strong is it built?

While looks do matter, your smartwatch should be sturdy and strong! As you definitely plan on wearing it everywhere every day – the smartwatch should be able to accompany you on any adventure of yours! Also, not to forget to mention that smartwatches come in different shapes and sizes, so do not forget to have a look at the screen and strap size of the watch!

And if you are someone who gets sweaty too easily or follows an extensive workout routine, then go for the one that is sweat-resistant.

Will it work with my phone?

Not all smartwatches are compatible with all phones! That’s a bummer, right? Well.. but it is true!

As you are going to sync your smartwatch with your mobile phone, it is important to check for compatibility. If you are going to pair your smartwatch with a non-iOS phone, then go for android smartwatches!

How is the display?

Smartwatches, like smartphones, come with a display screen. While some support a full touch HD display while others offer simpler screens. Similarly, some smartwatches only display the icons of the apps on the arrival of any notification while others offer the functionality of displaying the entire message.

Also, if you are someone who is slightly clumsy and often falls or bangs into things, then go for the one that comes with gorilla glass and a sturdy body.

How long can it stay? (aka how is the battery life)

Let’s be honest – what’s the point of wearing a smartwatch if it remains nonfunctional most of the time, just because it ran out of battery! As the battery lies at the heart of any wireless gadget, it is important for you to have a look at the battery life. Think about the kind of usage you are going to have and then have a look at the number of hours it can run for when fully charged.

What all fitness features does it support?

Smartwatches can become your perfect fitness companions, given you find one that supports many health and fitness features. Starting from monitoring your heart beat to tracking your blood saturation oxygen levels (spO2) to keeping a tab on your sleep cycle, smartwatches can do it all. 

Some of the best smartwatches in India even support stress monitoring which is quite an effective feature to manage everyday stress. The sports modes further help you monitor your workout and optimize it in a way that you make the most of your exercise.
There are certain smartwatches for women which even come with a menstrual tracker.

How smart is it actually?

Your smartwatch can add a lot of convenience to your life! With this on your wrist, forget about missing out on any important notification or calls just because your phone was not in your hands! It brings all the important messages, alerts, reminders and notifications to your wrist! 

You can also control your camera and music with a single tap on your wrist. Apart from this, many smartwatches for men also support features like real-time weather forecasts.


Last but not the least, it is important to keep a budget in mind before buying a smartwatch. You might think that good smartwatches are generally expensive, but you are wrong! You can get a good smartwatch at a decent price, given that you are aware and do your research right!

To conclude, buying a smartwatch will make your life way more fun, easy and healthy, given that you find the one that is perfect for you! 

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