How to Market to Tourist on your Digital Signage?

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How to Market to Tourist on your Digital Signage?

Market to Tourist on your Digital Signage – As the tourism industry gets back on track after the coronavirus pandemic, tourists are prioritizing travel more than ever. To illustrate, research by Expedia shows that 44% of consumers took more trips in 2021 than they did in 2020. This trend might linger on into 2020.

The younger generation of millennials will lead the pack. Furthermore, they’re likely to spend more money on travel and tourist destinations than other generations.

With this in mind, there is no better time for digital content marketing. This article explores how to attract tourists using destination marketing. You’ll gain insights into how to target tourists and new visitors.

How to Use Digital Signage in Tourism Marketing?

How to Use Digital Signage in Tourism Marketing?

Digital signage trends continue to grow. As such, the tourism sector can use live, interactive digital marketing to attract tourists. To explain, tourists can feel connected to your brand when you use digital signage to avail information to them. 

Besides, high-resolution displays and video walls come in handy in digital marketing. For example, they can help tourists find the most suitable tourist attractions in your destination. Here are five ways to attract tourists using digital signage marketing.

1. Educate Tourists About Attractions and Amenities

You can leverage a well-set-up signage system to support your tourism marketing and promotion efforts. In this case, you can use digital signs to inform your target audience about various attractions. These include amusement parks, theme parks, entertainment venues, and museums. Moreover, you can also promote dining establishments and retail shops. You can customize digital signage to include suggested landmarks and other little-known places of interest.

2. Make Wayfinding Easy

Another way to attract tourists when using digital signage is to help them navigate unfamiliar territories. Both domestic tourists and international visitors can feel distressed when they feel lost in a place they’ve never visited before. Luckily, digital signage can be an essential tool to safely guide them to their destination.

The interactivity and functionality of digital signage can enable tourists to determine the most direct route. Similarly, they can efficiently locate other areas of interest for their exploration.

Interestingly, digital wayfinding is super convenient. For example, tourists can access it through a QR code on their smartphones. Doing so efficiently eliminates the need to touch shared screens directly. Once a user inputs their destination, a virtual 3D map appears to help them trace the fastest route from their starting point to their destination. Overall, guests will appreciate the convenience of digital wayfinding. The next time they’re on tour, they’ll want to associate with your brand again.

3. Share Travel and Tourism COVID-19 Protocols

Digital signage is an ideal platform to remind international travelers about COVID-19 protocols in your location. For example, use it to remind people to sanitize, maintain social distance, and wear their masks correctly at all times. Additionally, you can notify them where to get COVID tests and vaccines and what to do if they have symptoms.

Undoubtedly, attention-grabbing digital marketing campaigns are impossible to ignore. That’s why it’s ideal for your most crucial messaging. Moreover, digital signage allows you to instantly update your digital signage content at the click of a button.

4. Promote Local Businesses

As various tourism businesses try to find answers to how to attract tourists, it’s an excellent idea to join hands in marketing. In a word, brands in the travel industry can help each other by bundling their services and marketing them as a package. Markedly, a travel agent or tour operator company and a hotel can offer tourists a small discount if they book the two services together.

Alternatively, consider incorporating third-party ads in your marketing plan. Such ads displayed on digital signage can be a steady source of revenue for your business. They’ll make your digital signage profitable. At the same time, it’ll be a way to support local businesses to protect them from the impact of the pandemic.

5. Facilitate Engagement Between Tourists and the Local Business Community

Tourists are developing an interest in local tourism more than international tourism. In other words, they’re shifting from bland, cookie-cutter entertainment, lodging, and restaurants. Instead, they want to

  • Enjoy the local ambiance
  • Visit local attractions
  • Savor regional cuisines
  • Connect to the residents’ lifestyles.

You can effectively share this sought-after local information with tourists using digital signage. When you connect tourists with local amenities, you’ll encourage them to explore the area. At the same time, you’ll help generate revenue for local merchants.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve been wondering how to attract tourists to your business, an inbound digital signage marketing strategy holds the answer for you. For this reason, use digital signage to deliver a unique experience to your target market. Undoubtedly, you’ll be in for better business outcomes and excellent profits amid the pandemic.

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