Smartphone Apps to Safeguard Yourself from Cyberattacks

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Smartphone Apps to Safeguard Yourself from Cyberattack

6 Reliable Smartphone Apps to Safeguard Yourself from Cyberattacks – Our mobile devices are our consistent companions during every single waking minute of our lives. They are there for us in times of pleasure, duty, sorrow, providing every possible facility that can be thought of.

Thus, it is monumental that we do everything in our power to secure our mobile devices from cybercrimes that have become quite rampant over the past few years. According to BBC, more than a billion Android devices are at the risk of being compromised. The level of vulnerability grows stronger as we expose our devices to all sorts of productivity apps on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Luckily for you, we have met a list of some of the best cybersecurity apps that you should have on your mobile devices at all times.

What is Cybersecurity?

What is Cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity entails all such measures that are taken to secure your devices and networks from cyberattacks such as virus injections, phishing scams, data theft, and numerous other digitally harmful instances.

The successful deployment of this mechanism requires you to install specific hardware and software that are design to prevent and counter every possible cyber threat known to man. From simply subscribing to a reliable internet service like Suddenlink internet, which offers the assistance of Suddenlink customer service for all your connectivity concerns to deploying complex protection tools, everything falls under the cybersecurity domain.

Why is Cybersecurity Important?

You may not realize it but your mobile devices are home to possibly the most precious and sensitive data of yours. From things like memorable photos and videos to confidential information about your business, everything goes through your mobile devices once in a while.

Even if you do not use your mobile devices for professional use, you still need to take measures to secure your devices from uninvited digital guests. Doing so will help you stay safe from things like bogus pop-ups, phishing scams, identity thefts, and so on.

Cybersecurity Apps worth Considering

Several mobile apps claim to provide an authentic security experience for your devices. More often than not, these apps are counterproductive and end up becoming a threat that you should protect against. Fortunately, we have some of the most reliable cybersecurity apps that you can install on your mobile devices without giving them a second thought.


Often when you need to google something, your hand instantly reaches for the browser icon on your phone. Now, if you have a VPN service like NordVPN backing it up, then it’s all well and good. However, if this app is absent from your phone, you might be heading towards some trouble.

Nord VPN creates a virtual private network on your mobile devices so that you can browse the internet without the worry of your activities track by the websites or any other party. The VPN does this by hiding the original IP address of your devices and presenting an IP address of a different physical location. Once your browsing session is over, your digital tracks are erased from the network.

Signal Private Messenger

Signal Private Messenger

Many messaging apps claim to provide end-to-end encryption for your chats. Sadly, not all of them successfully do so like Signal Private Messenger. With the primary goal towards privacy, this app has become one of the most sought-after messaging apps among millions of people.

What makes this app so singular is that it features an open-source code; anyone wanting to verify the app’s claim for privacy, can do so by auditing the code for themselves. In addition to private text chats, the app offers other useful communication methods as well such as voice calls, video chats, and even disappearing chats.


Yet another VPN service for your mobile devices is ProtonVPN. With millions of users already on board, the app is a perfect platform that provides high-quality privacy and security for all your mobile devices.
The app takes pride in its strict no-logging and no-sharing policies, thus reinforcing the security of your devices exponentially. Furthermore, the app lets you browse with freedom since there would be privacy-threatening ads irritating you constantly.


OTP Authenticator (One-Time Password Authenticator) apps have recently grown in popularity with the rise in cybercriminal activities. These apps provide you with a time-limited password that would expire in a specific period whether it is uses or not.

and OTP is an app that keeps away unauthorized access to all your private accounts. Every time an attempt for login is made on a new device, you will receive a one-time password on the app on your recognize device. Only after entering that password successfully will a person be able to access the account on a new device.


Every app that you install on your mobile devices, asks for certain permissions in their initial phase. Often, you might end up granting access to your photos, messages, call records, and more, without even realizing that the app technically does not need them for it to function.

Bouncer is a phenomenal app that grants temporary permissions to the apps on your device. If you ever find yourself compelled to give certain permissions to an app, you can safely do so, as this app will retract all those permissions after a short period.

Hushed Second Phone Number

As the name suggests, the Hushed mobile app allows you to create a second phone number for yourself that you can freely share with people you might think may become a nuisance. With a plethora of area codes and thousands of different numbers, you can engage in sensitive conversations without the worry of your original number being expose.

Whether you want to text or call, you can easily do so with a dedicated Hushed number while engaging in online purchases, sensitive business transactions, and so on. What’s more, your friends and family at international destinations can easily contact you on your Hushed number without them having to pay international charges on their phones.

The Bottom Line

The safety and security of all your mobile devices should not taken lightly. We are confident that the list of cybersecurity apps mentioned above is more than capable of securing your devices properly. Just make sure to subscribe to the right internet service provider from the BuyTVInternetPhone platform so that your downloads go smoothly.

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