How to Fix Roblox Error Code 103?

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Roblox Error Code 103

Do you desire to know how to fix Roblox error code 103? Roblox is an online gaming stage and game-making system that allows users to design their games and play different games created by other users. You may encounter error code 103 when joining certain games on Roblox. Error code 103 is a criterion error that occurs cyclically. This direct will show you how to fix Roblox error code 103.

What is Roblox Error Code 103?

Roblox error code 103 is a criterion error that occurs when trying to link a game or access certain features of Roblox. The error message for error code 103 is “The Roblox game you are trying to join is currently unavailable, error code 103.” There are several reasons for this error.

Age Restriction: The game you try to admit may have an age restriction. If your profile is identified as being under 13, Roblox restricts access to certain features and games. This rule is stricter on Xbox than on other platforms.

Privacy Settings: The game you are trying to access may have solitude settings that do not allow you to join.

Firewall Settings: Sometimes, your computer’s or router’s firewall may prevent Roblox from working.

How to Fix Roblox Error Code 103?

How to Fix Roblox Error Code 103?

Some Xbox One users report that they cannot join any Roblox game on their console. Most affected users report using an account without problems on a PC.

As it turns out, some different scenarios will eventually result in error code: 103 with Roblox on Xbox One:

Birth date issue: Xbox One includes an extra layer of protection when it comes to child accounts, so if you’re trying to sign in with a version created on a PC where the birth date is less than 13 years old, won You won’t be able to join user-created worlds unless you make some privacy settings. To avoid this, you can create a new Roblox account with a date of birth older than 13 years.

Other people’s content” is disabled: If you’re only experiencing this error code with a child account, other people’s content is likely blocked for the child account. In this case, you can decide the issue by going to the main narrative and changing the privacy settings to allow “other people’s content”.

NAT issue: As it turns out, this issue can also appear in case the ports used by Roblox are not being forwarded correctly. In this case, you can solve the problem by enabling UPnP in your router settings or by manually forwarding the ports used by Roblox.

Firmware problem: Files temporarily used by your operating system can also cause this problem. To fix the problem in case a firmware issue causes it, you need to perform a reset procedure and clear the temporary folder with the power capacitors.

Incorrect Game Installation: In some circumstances, incorrect game installation can facilitate this error. In this problem, you should be able to solve the problem by uninstalling the game along with all add-ons and updates before reinstalling it.

Method 1 – Create a New Roblox Account (No Date of Birth Restrictions)

Create a New Roblox Account

As it turns out, the number one reason that could end up triggering the error code 103 when launching Roblox from an Xbox One console is a DOB (date of birth) issue. As many affected users have reported, Xbox has an additional layer of privacy settings that could prevent access to child accounts without the necessary permissions.

After going through various user reports, Xbox One seems to have an issue with accounts created on PC where the date of birth is less than 13 years old.

Suppose you don’t have a lot of content saved to your account, the easiest way to fix Error Code: 103 is to create a new tab with Roblox with a DOB greater than 18 and use that to log in. with your Xbox One console.

If you don’t know how to proceed, follow the instructions below:

  1. From a PC or mobile device, visit this Roblox account creation page.
  2. Once inside, click the Sign-Up button at the top right of the screen.
  3. In the credentials window, select your date of birth and make sure the year eventually makes you 18 or older. This will ensure that the additional layer of security on Xbox One is not available.
  4. Fill out the rest of the required information, then hit the Sign-Up button to make the account, then follow the on-screen instructions to confirm your newly created account.
  5. Once the new account has been created, arrive at your Xbox console and click Sign in with your Roblox account.
  6. Try to join a world, and you should no longer get the same error code: 103.

If you do not want to create a new Roblox account or if this method did not help you avoid the error message, please skip to the next potential solution below.

Method 2: Allow “Other People’s Content” on a Child Account

If you are experiencing this error code with a child account, you likely see error code: 103 due to a privacy setting applied to the parent account that ends up blocking happy created by other Community Members – This is an essential Roblox feature that is required when trying to join other worlds.

If this is the basis of your problems, you can fix the problem by going to your child’s account’s privacy settings (from your parent’s account) and turning on the See what other people are doing feature. As soon as you do this, you must be clever to link other worlds on Roblox without encountering the same error code 103.

If you don’t know how to proceed, follow the instructions below:

  1. On your Xbox One console, sign in to your parent account and navigate to the My apps & Games option from the main panel menu.
  2. In the My apps & Games menu, navigate to the Settings menu.
  3. Once in the Settings menu, scroll down to the Family tab and select the child account on which you are having the issue.
  4. Once in the Child Account Settings menu, choose the custom template (under Privacy) to begin editing custom privacy preferences.
  5. Next, scroll down the carousel privacy menu and navigate to the entry associated with View content other people are doing.
  6. In the following menu, change the status of the privacy policy See what other people do to Allow and save changes.
  7. Resume your Xbox One console, sign in with your child account, and repeat the action that previously caused error code: 103 to see if the issue is resolved.

If you still have the same issue, move on to the next potential fix below.

Method 3 – Forward Ports Used by Roblox

If the over-solution did not work for you, you would probably face a port forwarding problem. Roblox is a multiplayer game requiring your Network Address Translation (NAT) network to be open.

Every game that takes advantage of peer-to-peer data exchange uses specific ports that need to be open for you to play online. Most current router models support port forwarding by default. Still, if you have already made changes to your router, the feature that facilitates open NAT (Universal Plug and Play) may be disabled.

However, if you are using an older router, it may also not support UPnP; in this case, you will have to do the port forwarding part manually.

So, depending on your router, two potential methods will allow you to forward the ports used by Roblox:

  • Enable UPnP in your router settings to open your NAT
  • Manually forward ports used by Roblox so you can successfully connect to previous people’s worlds

Suppose your router supports UPnP (Universal Plug and Play). Please follow the first guide below (A). If you are using an older router model that does not support UPnP, please follow the second sub-guide (B):

A. Enable UPnP in your Router Settings

1.  Use a PC or Mac connected to the network managed by your router to open your default browser and enter one of the following addresses in the navigation bar. Then press Enter to access your router’s configuration menu:


Note: One of these generic addresses should get you to your router’s settings menu, just in case they’re not looking online for specific steps to access your router’s settings.

2. Once you obtain to the login screen, enter your login credentials. If you’ve never accessed this menu before, you should be able to log in with the default credentials (administrator as user and 1234 as password)

Note: These default credentials vary depending on your router manufacturer. So check the default login credentials online according to your router model in case it is incorrect.

3. Once you are finally in your router settings, find the Advanced/NAT Forwarding menu and look for an option called UPnP.

4. When you finally locate it, activate it and save your changes to apply it.

5. Once you’ve enabled Universal Plug and Play, restart your router and Xbox One console and see if the Roblox error repeats when you try to join a game again.

B. Manual Port Transfer Used by Roblox

1.  Follow steps 1-3 in the guide above to access the NAT Forwarding / Port Forwarding menu in your router’s settings.

2. Once you are in the haven forwarding menu, locate the menu that allows you to manually port forward and start forwarding the ports required by Roblox on Xbox One:

  • TCP: 3074
  • UDP: 88, 500, 3074, 3544, 4500

3. Once you’ve made sure each of these ports is forwarded, save your changes and reboot your router and console before trying to join an online game on Roblox again.

If you still get the similar error code 103 when trying to join a world created by someone else in Roblox, please continue to the next potential fix below.

Method 4 – Perform a Power Cycle Procedure

If none of the above possible fixes helped you fix the problem, the error code 103 might be facilitated by some temporary file corruption currently stored in the temporary folder.

Since certain types of shutdowns will not clear this temporary folder, you may be able to solve the difficulty by performing a reset procedure. This will also end up cleaning the power supply capacitors, which could also set pain caused by the wrong firmware.

To perform a reset procedure on your Xbox One console, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Start by ensuring your console is fully started and idle (not hibernated).
  2. Then press and hold the Xbox button (on your console) for about 15 seconds (or pending the front LED turns off and you can listen to the fans turn off)
  3. Once your console is entirely powered off, please wait at least 1 full minute before turning it back on. While you wait, you can also unplug the power cord from the outlet it’s currently connected to ensure that the power capacitors are empty.
  4. After doing this, turn your console back on in a conventional way (by pressing the power button) and wait for the next boot to complete. Note: If you see a longer boot animation (one that lasts longer than 5 seconds), it means that the boot procedure was also successful.
  5. Once the next console boot is complete, open Roblox, try joining a multiplayer game and see if the topic is resolved.

If you still see error code 103 when accessing content created by other people, please continue to the final solution below.

Method 5: Reinstall the Game

Reinstall the Game

If none of the potential solutions above worked for you, you’re likely dealing with an inconsistency created by an incorrect installation. In most cases, this issue is reported when the console is force-closed in the center of installing the game (or game information).

In this problem, you should be able to resolve the issue by reinstalling the game. If the error code 103 is caused by some game data corruption, the instructions below should resolve the issue.

Here’s a quick guide to reinstalling Robox on your Xbox One console:

  1. Please tap on the Xbox One console to open your guide menu, then use it to contact the My games & apps menu.
  2. Once in the Game & Apps menu, scroll down the list of installed apps and games and find Roblox.
  3. With Roblox selected, push the Start button, then decide Manage Game from the newly appeared context menu.
  4. In the next panel, use the menu on the right to choose Uninstall All – This procedure ensures that you install the base game with all game add-ons and updates installed.
  5. Once the uninstall sequence is complete, reboot your console and wait for the next boot to complete.
  6. Go to your digital library, insert the physical media, reinstall Roblox, and launch the game to observe if you can fix error code 103.

Can Roblox Error Code 103 Appear on Other Platforms?

Roblox can be played on mobile devices and PC. Therefore, it may appear on both platforms. The probability is not too high, but you must be prepared.

For PC users, account switching and port forwarding fixes may work. Uninstallation is also helpful if there is a deeper problem. However, some people still encounter the issue.

The only way for PC users to fix it is to use software that will repair their PC files. Follow the instructions of this program and try using Roblox again. System corruption can affect more than Roblox.

Mobile users can also do the same. However, this code is usually only found on Xbox. These users tend to access multiplayer games well on PC or mobile devices.

Frequently Asked Questions for Roblox Error Code 103

Question: How to fix Roblox can’t join error code 103 Xbox?

Answer: The Unable to join error appears when Xbox additional security settings are more secure for a child account.

  • Enable viewing and sharing for everyone
  • Open a new account with an age of 18+.

Question: How to fix Roblox Welcome to Bloxburg error code 103?

Answer: If you encounter an error code 103 on Roblox while playing Bloxburg, you must log out of Roblox and log in with a new account with a birthdate older than 18.


Roblox error code 103 on Xbox One is usually associated with your account privacy settings or restrictions. Some issues may arise due to an underage child account, content restrictions, and problems with your router settings. So this guide can guide you if you recently encountered this issue on your Xbox One.

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