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Petta Movie Download in Isaimini – Petta is a 2019 Indian Tamil language action drama film. The film was released on January 10, 2019, with dubbed versions in Hindi and Telugu.

And also, the film received mixed reviews, who valued Rajinikanth’s acting, cinematography, score and soundtrack, but was criticized for the script and excessive length.

Below are the Details of the Petta Movie

Director: Karthik Subbaraj

Producer: Kalanithi Maran

Writer: Karthik Subbaraj


  • Rajinikanth as Kaali
  • Vijay Sethupathi as Jithu
  • Trisha as Saraswathy
  • And also, Simran as Mangalam
  • Sasikumar as Maalik
  • Nawazuddin Siddiqui as Singaar
  • Bobby Simha as Michael
  • Sananth as Anwar
  • Megha Akash as Anu
  • Malavika Mohanan as Poongodi
  • Mahendran as Rajapandi
  • And also, Vettai Muthukumar as Devaaram

Music : Anirudh Ravichander

Cinematography: Tirru

Editor: Vivek Harshan

Production Company: Sun Pictures

Distributer: Sun Pictures

Release Date: 10 January 2019

Running Time: 172 minutes

Country: India

Language: Tamil

And also, Box office: ₹220 – 250 crore

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More About the Petta Movie Download in Isaimini

Kaali, an older man, works as a tutor for a children’s home at a secondary school in Ooty. He realizes that the inn is dominated by a group of rebellious seniors, led by Michael, the ruined son of a local leader named Gnanam. Kaali puts an end to Michael’s antics, which leads to hostility between the two. Kaali also forms a close promise with an NRI hotelier named Anwar, who is associated with Anu, the daughter of Mangalam, a pranic healer.

And also, Kaali persuades Mangalam to accept his daughter’s relationship with Anwar, and they end up falling in love. Michael, who covets Anu, becomes angry upon learning of his relationship with Anwar. He attempts to harass them, only to stop by Kaali, who secures the suspension of Michael and his friends, with Anwar filming and sharing in the humiliation of Michael and his gang.

A local henchman named Jithu, the son of a powerful politician named Singaaram, also known as Singaar Singh sees this video in the distance in Uttar Pradesh. Singaar, seeing Anwar in the video and a photo with his mother on Facebook, directs his men to Ooty to killing Anwar for unknown reasons. At the same time, Michael, humiliated by suspending him, sends his men to beat (but not kill) Kaali.

Michael’s plan fails when he and his men get caught up in the fight between Kaali and Singaar’s men. Kaali subdues Singaar’s men, earning Michael and Gnanam, after which Anwar learns of his history. Anwar is the son of Maalik, and best friend of Kaali. It is also exposed that Kaali’s real name is Petta Velan, also known as Petta and that he was a highly respected man in his village in the Madurai district.

More Story

Twenty years ago, Maalik was with a friend talking about the works of Devaram and Singaar, who were digging sand for money. And also, Devaram is arrested, but Maalik had a crush on Petta’s neighbour, Poongodi, who conceived with him out of wedlock.

Petta separated for the first time, saying that it would be a shame to be part of the family with them, as Abdul Ayya, “Maalik’s father”, was killed. Petta finally agrees. He and Saraswathy, aka Saro, managed to convince Poongodi Rajapandi’s father to marry Poongodi to Maalik, even though Rajapandi and Petta were arch opponents. But Rajapandi has two sons, Devaaram and Singaar, vehemently opposite the alliance and transferring ownership to Poongodi. Then they killed their father.

Upon learning of Rajapandi’s murder, Petta killed Devaaram at Rajapandi’s funeral and expelled Singaar from the village. In revenge for Devaaram’s murder and forced exile, Singaar orchestrates a bomb blast during Poongodi’s pageantry, killing Maalik, Saro, his son Chinna, and Petta. Petta, after discovering that Poongodi was still alive, took her to safety. Later, Poongodi gave birth to a boy, who turned out to be Anwar, and the two left for Australia as refugees to escape Singaar.

In Uttar Pradesh, Petta and Anwar challenge Jithu, who determine to kill them after learning that his father and Petta are enemies. The duo manages to escape from Jithu. Later, Petta meets Jithu in private and expresses that he is nobody other than his son Chinna, who did not expire in the bomb blast but adopt by Singaar after finding him alive among the debris from the debris blast.

Box Office

Petta release on 600 screens in Tamil Nadu with stiff competition from Viswasam. The film grossed 1.12 million rupees at the Chennai box office. The film also grossed $ 133,000 in the United States, beating Viswasam, which grossed $ 18,000,  ₹ 36.6 crores worldwide, with a stake of ₹ 19.0 crore on the day it opened. And also, the film grossed 105 million rupees in 3 days and over 138 million rupees on the first weekend.

The film grossed 105 million rupees (the US $ 16.37 million) worldwide in 4 days. The film grossed ₹ 200 crores in 23 days, ₹ 135 crores (the US $ 21.04 million) in Tamil Nadu, ₹ 15 crores (the US $ 2.34 million) in Karnataka, 11 crore (1, 71 million US dollars) in the rest of India and 76 crores (11.85 million US dollars) abroad with a total of 237,237 crores (36.94 million US dollars) worldwide after 17 days.


The soundtrack album and background music composed by Anirudh Ravichander, marking his first collaboration with Rajinikanth and Karthik Subbaraj. The lyrics were written by Vivek, Ku. Karthik, Dhanush and Karthik Subbaraj. On December 9, 2018, the audio launch at the Sai Leo Muthu Auditorium, Sri Sai Ram Engineering College, Chennai.

The album consists of eleven songs, five of which are musical themes. The first single, “Marana Mass”, release on December 3, 2018, followed by “Ullallaha”, released on December 7, 2018. And also, the full album was available for digital download on December 9, 2018, under the Sony label. Music, which had acquired the audio rights to the film. In February 2019, the album crossed 250 million views across all platforms.

1. Marana Mass
2. Petta Theme
3. Ilamai Thirumbuthe
4. And also, Madura Petta
5. Petta Paraak
6. Singaar Singh Theme
7. Aaha Kalayanam
8. Jithu Theme
9. Ullaallaa
10. Kaali Theme
11. Thappad Maara
12. And also, Raman Andalum


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