5 Key Differences Between Normal Hosting and WordPress Hosting

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normal and wordpress hosting

Web hosting refers to a broad range of hosting services, while WordPress hosting is a service specifically for WordPress CMS. In this article, we will explore the differences and the best option for your website.

Managed WordPress Hosting for Faster Performance

Before setting up your website, you may want to consider the benefits of WordPress hosting vs web hosting. With WordPress hosting, the site is managed. That means there is a team of experts that ensures the system is functioning optimally.

Loading times are critical for the user experience and search engine optimization. The service provider tweaks every aspect of the site to support WordPress CMS and plugins. As a result, your website is much faster.

On-Demand Resource Scaling

WordPress hosting utilizes pre-configured web technologies to deliver seamless integration between the server and the CMS. That increases the uptime and ensures the site is always available to your audience.

A managed WordPress hosting service like Nexcess can increase the resources for your site whenever there is a spike in traffic. By scaling the resources depending on demand, you can ensure that prospects coming to your site do not click away.

Better WordPress Plugin Performance

Pre-configured technologies will keep your website fast and accessible. A managed host will optimize the function of the PHP scripts and databases. The application is ready to use, such that you can deploy the site without worrying about configurations.

When you have to choose between WordPress hosting vs web hosting, consider caching and performance optimization. The managed service can boost the performance of plugins.

The service provider will update and remove the plugins that are slowing down your site. A team of experienced staff can help you unlock the full functionality of the site.

Dedicated and Tailored Support

Dedicated and Tailored Support

WordPress hosting allows you to set up your website with minimal effort. You can quickly add SSL certificates and go live. The provider offers packages with regular upgrades to protect you from malware and security breaches.

When you encounter problems, you can call a dedicated support service for assistance. You can talk to staff with a lot more expertise in addressing issues with your WordPress site.

A Wide Range of Custom WordPress Hosting Plans

WordPress hosting also administers a wide range of hosting packages besides managed services. If your website has a lot of traffic, you may choose a dedicated server. The plan offers more customization and on-demand scaling for busy websites with many users.

If you have a small business, you can opt for cloud hosting. Instead of a physical server, the plan uses a network of cloud applications. It is as inexpensive as shared wrike plans, but it offers better performance and scalability.

However, if there is a spike in traffic, you may want to consider other hosting options. A Virtual Private Server is a better choice for bigger businesses with a busy website. It is more affordable than a dedicated server and with more customization capabilities.

Choosing a reliable hosting service is crucial for keeping your website accessible and fast. Understand your needs and pick the package that works best for you.


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