How to Move Office Tech Items Safely During a Move?

Are you planning to relocate your business? If yes, then one of the most difficult tasks during an office relocation is to move technical items with safety. Transporting peripherals, electronics, computers, artwork, and other items requires an effective strategy and strong planning. To do this, all the electronic equipment needs to be packed in the right manner. But handling this fragile and bulky equipment is not an easy thing to do. Hiring moving companies Chicago is a great way to transport these items effectively and with complete safety. Check out these tips and tricks:

Start with Downsizing

If there are certain equipment present in your office that needs up-gradation then you should not spend your money on moving these. Purging out such items is just a good idea.

Measure Bigger Items if Present

According to the layout of your new office, you will get to know that what are items that can perfectly fits into the new space. Move only the electronic equipment for which you have enough room there. Else spending money on slimmer equipment is a great option. With the advancement of technology, all the tech items are becoming slimmer and slimmer and short in sizes so you can opt for those.

Follow the Manual

You can pack and move items according to the advice of the product’s manufacturer. They know the most about what it requires to transport an item safely without any damage. If it is not available then you can contact the manufacturer through their website or any other channel of communication.

Remove Batteries if Present

Before you relocate any electronic item, don’t forget to remove batteries from electronic items. It is because of the reason that battery corrosion can wreck electronic components. Also, if there is any kind of removable media is present in the equipment then don’t forget to remove it before packing.

Use Bubble Wrap as much as Possible

It might be very tempting to cut down the costs of the packing supplies when moving but if you try to save in bubble wrap then it could make you lose a huge amount later. Make sure there is enough bubble wrap is used for packing your smaller equipment and it will also protect it throughout the entire moving process.

Pick Sturdy Moving Boxes if you don’t have the Original Ones

Though packing in the original boxes is the easiest and safest way to pack items. When the original boxes are not present then pick the large boxes so that you can provide enough padding at all the sides. Make sure there are almost two inches of padding is present at all the sides of all the boxes.


If you put labels in the right manner then this will make the entire process much easier. Packing such items requires a lot of attention because losing the smallest part could ruin the entire equipment. That is why label all the equipment even a single cable. Label all these items as fragile so that you will get to know that there are fragile items present when loading these items into the truck. This ensures that you lift them and handle them in the right manner.

Ask Employees to Pack by Themselves

One of the best ways to keep all your stuff protected is by getting the help of the employees to pack their desks by themselves. If you allocate work amount to all the employees then they will pack the equipment effectively and efficiently. This is a great way when you are not getting the help of the movers. But ensure that you are providing all the required packing supplies to your employees.

Packing up Computers

Desktops are one of the most fragile items present in any office which requires a lot of planning and preparation work for transportation. To do this, first, you should back up the entire data present in the computers so that there is no loss of any important data during transportation. Then disconnect all the cables and other peripherals like cords attached to the system. If you have the original packing present then this would be the best to pack items. Not just for the computers, you should use the original boxes for all the other electronic items present if present.

The most fragile part of a system is the monitor therefore secure it with a flat-packed box and provide thick padding to it. Also, there should be bubble wrap, towel, or paper tape used over the fans and vents so that the dust particles do not find any way to enter.

Wrapping it all up!!!

Business organizations need to relocate their offices at certain time intervals because of numerous numbers of reasons. There is nothing to be scared of about it. But yes, when packing electronic equipment, you need to pay a hundred percent of your attention else you could end up losing a large amount.

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