Mistrzostwa świata w piłce nożnej 2022/Grupa c – Harmonogram

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Mistrzostwa świata w piłce nożnej 2022/Grupa c – Harmonogram


Mistrzostwa świata w piłce nożnej 2022/Grupa c – Harmonogram: The Qatar 2022 World Cup for Poland will start on November 22. During the World Cup group stage draw on April 1, Poland was awarded Argentina, Mexico, and Saudi Arabia. All teams were placed in group C, which looks one of the most balanced and exciting on paper. They will play their matches at three stadiums. The first match will remain played on November 22, and the last will start on November 30. Check the Polish group C’s schedule, results, composition, and predictions for individual matches and promotions. The 2022 World Cup in Qatar is coming to an end. The most crucial event in the world of football started on November 20 and will end on December 18, a week before Christmas. When is the final? Check the results of the 2022 World Cup matches—all live broadcasts on TVP.

Group C of the 2022 World Championships

Group C of the 2022 World Championships

Group C is the one that electrifies fans in Poland the most. No wonder – this is where the White and Reds will fight. Czesław Michniewicz’s players will face quite a challenge against Saudi Arabia and Mexico. Still, the real challenge will be the match against the champions of South America – the Argentine national team.

World Cup 2022 – Group C

The Polish national team certainly cannot complain about one thing in recent years – the attractiveness of the groups drawn for them at major tournaments. Similarly, This time, we received a real cultural and football mishmash. The Argentine national team is the great favorite to win first place in “our” group. The Albicelestes not only have the best player in the history of football but also a coach who led the team to the South American championship. The Mexican national team is an old World Cup veteran and a team with significant offensive potential. Saudi Arabia may be the equivalent of Japan from four years ago – a compact, fast-playing squad that can cause problems for the favorites. The White and Reds’ hope will be that Czesław Michniewicz’s team will work out their rivals and the individual class of our greatest stars.

When are the FIFA World Cup 2022 Matches?

The World Cup in Qatar began on December 20 with a 2-0 victory for Ecuador over the host team. In turn, the team led by coach Czesław Michniewicz ran onto the pitch on Tuesday, the third day of the championship. The Poles played against Mexico at Stadium 974 in Doha. The match ended in a 0-0 attraction, and Robert Lewandowski missed the penalty kick.

The second match of the Poles, against Saudi Arabia, took place on November 26 at the Education City Stadium on the outskirts of Doha. The Polish national team won 2-0 after goals by Piotr Zieliński and Lewandowski. This time, the penalty kick was saved by Wojciech Szczęsny. The Poles finished the group stage on Wednesday, November 30. They played for the second time at Stadium 974, facing the Argentines. The South American champions gave Poland no chance, winning 2-0, but it still managed to advance to the 1/8 finals for the first time in 36 years. This time, Szczęsny failed to be beaten from 11 meters by Leo Messi.

Group C Stadiums World Cup 2022:

Group C Stadiums World Cup 2022:

Matches in group C will be played at three stadiums. However, no team will participate in all of them, at least during the group stage. Below, we present the places where individual sections will play in each round and the distance between the stadiums.


  • Match (Mexico): Stadium 974 (Doha)
  • Match (Saudi Arabia): Education City Stadium (Rajjan) – approx. 19 km
  • Match (Argentina): Stadium 974 (Doha) – approx. 19 km


  • Match (Saudi Arabia): Lusail Stadium (Lusail)
  • Match (Mexico): Lusail Stadium (Lusajl) – exact stadium
  • Match (Poland): Stadium 974 (Doha) – approx. 27 km


  • Match (Poland): Stadium 974 (Doha)
  • Match (Argentina): Lusail Stadium (Lusajl) – approx. 27 km
  • Match (Saudi Arabia): Lusail Stadium (Lusajl) – same stadium

Saudi Arabia:

  • Match (Argentina): Lusail Stadium (Lusajl)
  • Match (Poland): Education City Stadium (Ar-Rajjan) – approx. 20 km
  • Match (Mexico): Lusail Stadium (Lusajl) – approx. 20 km

As you can see, Mexico and Argentina will play two games at the same stadium. In contrast, Poland and Saudi Arabia will play alternate games, thus covering more kilometers to get there. However, the distances are not that significant, although in the hot climate of Qatar, they may cause some discomfort.

Where to Watch World Cup Matches on TV and Online Live Stream?

The 2022 World Cup in Qatar will remain available on Polish Television, i.e., all 64 matches.  The Poles’ games in the group phase of the World Cup will be broadcast on TVP 1 and TVP Sport. Broadcasts from the 2022 World Cup are also available online at tv sport. Pl. The World Cup in Qatar can also be watched on mobile devices. Live coverage and results of  2022 World Cup matches on sport.interia.pl.

Poland will play at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar on the following dates: on Tuesday, November 22 against Mexico, on Saturday, November 26 against Saudi Arabia, and on Wednesday, November 30 against Argentina. Four years ago, our team took last place in the group stage with three points. At that time, the Poles played in group H, losing to  Senegal  (1-2) and  Colombia  (0-3) and triumphing over  Japan  (1-0).

World Cup 2022: Qatar. Broadcast program. Who will comment on the matches on TVP? For now, the detailed schedules of the commentators for the group stage of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar are known. TVP delegated six reporters to cover the matches – Dariusz Szpakowski, Jacek Laskowski, Mateusz Borek, Maciej Iwański, Sławomir Kwiatkowski and Przemysław Pełka. No commentator will be permanently assigned a co-commentator (expert). In this role, during the World Championships in Qatar, TVP will have at its disposal  Robert Podoliński, Marcin Żewłakow, Janusz Michallik, Kazimierz Węgrzyn, Sebastian Mila, and Kamil Kosowski.

Advertising Qatar 2022 World Cup broadcast schedule and commentators: Sunday, November 20, GROUP A, 17: Qatar – Ecuador. Broadcast on TVP 1 and TVP Sport (commentary: Jacek Laskowski, Robert Podoliński) Monday, November 21, GROUP B, 14: England – Iran. Broadcast on TVP 1 and TVP Sport (Przemysław Pełka, Kazimierz Węgrzyn) GROUP A, at 17: Senegal – Netherlands. Its on TVP 1 and TVP Sport (Maciej Iwański, Marcin Żewłakow) GROUP B, at 20: USA – Wales. Broadcast on TVP 1 and TVP Sport (Mateusz Borek, Janusz Michalik).

Who Will Leave The Group C Tips World Cup 2022?

Who Will Leave The Group C Tips World Cup 2022?

The most critical question for Polish fans before the World Cup was: Will Poland get out of the group? The chances for this are high, but everything depends on the opening match of the White and Reds. Mistrzostwa świata w piłce nożnej 2022/Grupa c – Harmonogram our team loses to Mexico, the championship may follow the traditional pattern: opening match, match for everything, and check for honor. Below, we present the chances and types of individual teams in group C during the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

Poland’s Chances In The World Cup

After winning the UEFA playoffs, the Polish national team qualified for the World Cup. In the decisive match, it eliminated Sweden (2-0). As always, the White and Reds are going to the World Cup with high hopes, especially since it may be the last big event for the old guard of the national team, including players such as Robert Lewandowski, Kamil Glik, Grzegorz Krychowiak or Wojciech Szczęsny. So, what are our chances during the Qatar 2022 World Cup? First of all, Poles are not the favorites of Group C. However, they have a real opportunity to get out of the group, which is what Polish fans expect. However, the rates are very similar. And what are the chances of the White and Reds winning the world championship? The speed is extremely high, exceeding 100.00, which means a slim, almost zero chance of success.

Argentina’s Chances In The World Cup

Argentina is a clear favorite not only to get out of the group but also to win it. It is unlikely that anyone should threaten the Albicelestes, among the main favorites to win the world championship. If this were to happen, you could win considerable money.

Mexico’s Chances In The World Cup

Mexico’s chances of getting out of the group are shaky, just like Poles’ hopes. The opening match will be decisive. Nevertheless, before the Qatar 2022 World Cup, El Tri had slightly fewer chances than the White and Reds. This does not change that Mexico has advanced from the group at every World Cup since 1994.

Saudi Arabia’s Chances In The World Cup

Saudi Arabia's Chances In The World Cup

Before the tournament, talking about any chances for Saudi Arabia was difficult because the Zielone Sokołów team was a clear outsider in the group. There is no indication that they could win any point in the competition with Poland, Argentina, and Mexico, but as Kazimierz Górski used to say: “as long as the ball is in the game, everything is possible.”


Mistrzostwa świata w piłce nożnej 2022/Grupa c – Harmonogram: Polish group at the World Cup in Qatar WHEN will the matches in the Polish group at the World Cup be played? World Cup Qatar 2022 Polish Group SCHEDULE Polish group for the World Cup WHEN IS THE PLAY? DATES, Schedule. The Polish national team advanced to the World Championships for the second time. This time, in Group C, its rivals will be Argentina, Mexico and Saudi Arabia. The Poles certainly have a chance to get out of the group, but it won’t be easy, and a lot may depend not only on how the Whites and Reds will play but also on how other matches will go. Check when the games in the Polish group for the 2022 World Cup are played. Partners of the Polish group of the 2022 World Cup WHEN. SCHEDULE of the Polish Group in Qatar Dates.

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