5 Factors That Influence Your Internet Downloading Speeds

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internet downloading speeds

5 Factors That Influence Your Internet Downloading Speeds – Well, all of us do. But due to several reasons, we are not able to get the desired speed. At the same time, we also lack a particular speed, which we should get as per our Internet plan from the ISP, or internet service provider.

Suppose you have visited The Pirate Bay to download the latest movie that has just hit the box office. Now, you find out that your downloading is taking an eternity. We can understand how irritating it can be. The reason behind it is the slower internet speed.

Factors That Influence Your Internet Downloading Speeds

When you are irritated with the slower internet speed and want to resolve the issues, it is extremely important to understand all the reasons which are working behind it.

So, here, in this article, we are going to talk about some major factors, which influence the internet downloading speed.

Hardware – 5 Factors That Influence Your Internet Downloading Speeds

Whenever your system starts to lag, and your internet speed suddenly starts to decrease, there must be some hardware issue. Just the way we are not able to work efficiently with physical health issues, computers also experience the same.

So, there might be hardware issues. In addition to that, your connection type also matters here. For example, broadband or cable connection always works better than Wi-Fi or wireless solutions. Plus, you also have to ensure that the health of your router and cables are great so that they can offer the required services.

The Software You Run

After ensuring the health of the hardware, it is time to have a check on the software that you are using. If you are downloading any movies or games from torrent sites, it is obvious you are using some torrent platforms.

Not all torrent platforms are the same and provide the same performance. In this case, you have to ensure you are using the best one. At the same time, if you are using a VPN for accessing those torrent sites, it also can be the reason for your slower internet downloading.


Viruses or malware not only affect the performance of the computer but also hampers the connectivity solutions. Here, you might experience difficulty while connecting with the network or even be unable to connect to the available networks.

You will never know malware and viruses running in the background until and unless you are scanning your software for viruses. Often, when you download something from the internet, viruses can enter your device. So it is always advised to use an antivirus, and always scan files and websites before using.

A Little Extra Of Wi-Fi Users – 5 Factors That Influence Your Internet Downloading Speeds

Suppose your Wi-Fi router is located at the entrance of the ground floor, but you are using your devices for downloading something from the internet, sitting in your bedroom on the 1st floor. Isn’t it obvious that your internet connection will lag considerably?

The Pirate Bay UK started out in Sweden. The Piratbyrån (The Pirate Bureau), wanted to create a area to share information, way of life and intellectual property free of charge. His first undertaking became to create an internet index. In the year 2010, following the death of a co-founder, the organization dissolved, but their site remained to be had!

The pirate bay UK is now one of the most popular torrent websites in the on line world. Its reason is to facilitate file sharing between users via supplying a directory of torrent files and “magnet links”. On the Pirate Bay web page, there isn’t always simply any multimedia content material or software. Instead, it finds and downloads BitTorrent documents downloaded via other customers. The actual contents are at the charger. This is referred to as the peer-to-peer (P2P) protocol.

Although most of the internet providers promise that distance will not affect the speed that is too upto a certain level, so, ensure that you are using the device as close as possible with the Wi-Fi connection or at least a close proximity so that you can complete the download uninterrupted.

Number Of Users

The number of users using the internet connection also affects the overall internet downloading speed. It is obvious that, when you are using the internet connection alone, you will get the maximum speed; after some other will join, the speed will get divided.

If your ISP or internet service provider has informed you that upto a maximum of 5 devices can connect and enjoy the maximum speed, always try to keep the number by 5 only. As soon as you connect more devices, the internet speed will start to decrease.

Final Verdict – 5 Factors That Influence Your Internet Downloading Speeds

We always understand that you can not maintain all the above-mentioned factors when you are using the internet, but you can do at least some of them, or at least for the time when you are downloading anything from the internet.

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