Disruptive Tech Innovations to Change the World

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Tech Innovations

Modern technology has been rapidly evolving ever since the first industrial revolution. In the last decade especially, we have experienced more technology innovations than ever before. Consequently, there is a staggering difference in the way we lead our lives and businesses now and five years ago. So, it’s safe to say that going forward; digital tech innovations will continue to change our modern society.

Even now, we are witnessing major technological innovations that have the potential to alter our world. Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the greatest technological innovations that are set to disrupt our modern society.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology gained a lot of traction in 2020 and continues to be a hot topic in the financial world. However, as cryptocurrencies’ value soared on the market, a lot of businesses got interested in the potential benefit of blockchain-based solutions.

Otherwise, famous brands like OkCupid, Microsoft, Bloomberg, PayPal, and famously Tesla have supported cryptocurrencies and accept crypto transactions. When it comes to blockchain-based solutions, IBM has work on different solutions for specific sectors, mainly for supply chain management, healthcare, IT, and even for oil.

The benefits are numerous for businesses because blockchain technology is essentially a public database where the information is stored and shared among the participants. Also, as this is a decentralized database system, there is complete transparency of the data. In other words, the users are able to keep track of every action in the system, and therefore it’s highly useful for the supply chain management.

For example, Walmart has collaborated with IBM for a blockchain-based solution that tracks the products from the manufacturer to the stores, and this can also help customers get a better idea about the sourcing of the materials and products in the supply chain. Another example is utilizing blockchain solutions as a highly secure database in the healthcare sector. Namely, it can use for the safe transfer of medical patients’ data.


Chatbots are software applications that can conduct a conversation with a human user via text or provide an easy way to reach customer support agents. They have become popular applications in 2021 as online businesses and e-commerce sites experienced a boost of demand for their products and services.

Chatbots can engage with customers traditionally, but they are pre-programmed to answer basic questions. The main purpose is to decrease the amount of work the human agents need to do on the site and simultaneously provide reliable and instant assistance to the users.

The main advantage of chatbots is that they are able to behave like a real conversational partner and because they utilize machine learning technology, they continuously learn and improve their answers over time. One example is online casinos that generally use chatbots on their platforms. Given they have exploded in popularity in 2020 and 2021, the numbers of casino members have also surged.

Online casinos

This is especially true for casinos that cater to international audiences. Users may have different knowledge about the casino games or might encounter similar issues. So, instead of providing a generic FAQ page, they can use a chatbot to answer their questions immediately, while the applications are able to capture real-time feedback about the problems of the users.

Otherwise, as you can tell from this online casino guide, casino sites are quite complex because they have hundreds of different casino games from different providers and other important features like safe payment methods, promotions, and more. In other words, there are plenty of aspects that need to operate smoothly in order for the casino players to have a great experience. This is why chatbots have become an indispensable part of gambling establishments.

In the future, as artificial intelligence technology gets more sophisticated, we expect chatbots to be increasingly present in different businesses and automate the tasks of the users.

5G Technology

5G technology became the fifth-generation mobile global wireless standard in 2019. Although the deployment of 5G worldwide has come to a halt, it is very likely that this technology will become ubiquitous in the following years mainly because it provides many benefits. Some of them are higher speeds, better capacity than the previous wireless generation networks, and lower latency.

Furthermore, it is expect to provide faster downloads and lower latency; and as we all live and work online, this connectivity will make businesses more efficient. Also, it is predict that it will become the backbone of the Internet of Things. Some examples include connected cars, smart homes, and eventually smart cities.


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