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Chromebook write for us – A Chromebook is a laptop or convertible computer that runs the Google ChromeOS operating system. ChromeOS is based on Linux and uses the Chrome web browser. Chromebooks are built to work in the cloud so that you can install programs or games directly from the available Chrome Web Store app store. Since they don’t use a Windows system and thanks to its security layer, a Chromebook is made to work without antivirus software. You can share your article or document file with

Chromebooks started with small screen sizes, a small hard drive, and a contained weight. Thus, the first Chromebooks launch with only 2 GB of RAM and 8 GB of hard disk, a battery life of up to 3 hours, and less than 1.5 kg of weight in mid-2011. Today we can find Chromebooks with screens of 15 or 17 inches, the latest generation Intel and AMD processors, and a battery life of more than 10 hours.

What is a Chromebook for?

What is a Chromebook for?

A Chromebook performs the most common tasks that can be achieved with any PC. A Chromebook computer can run Microsoft Office 365, and with it, we can write using its word processor, even giving it a professional look, just like we would with the Windows version. We can also use Excel spreadsheets to perform complex calculations and formulas to help us daily. You can use PowerPoint to make your presentations, share them with Windows computers, and even manage your email with Outlook.

You can also use a Chromebook for your studies, there are models with smaller screen sizes and appropriate weight to transport daily, and you will still have a battery for the whole day. Classwork does not require powerful hardware, so you can opt for a more modest processor and amount of disk that will also impact the price. Thanks to its system in the cloud, you can stock your data in Google Drive or any other online storage service to have your data anywhere and keep a backup copy. Don’t worry. It’s not all studying. With the Chromebook, you can watch your favorite series on the leading Streaming platforms and even run games for fun.

You can also use a Chromebook as your personal computer. It has been several years since its launch and has been improving so that there are applications of all kinds. You can use your Chromebook daily if you do not perform any task requiring special software. Responsibilities such as checking email, browsing the Internet, viewing and editing photos and videos, or even playing some games can be performed without any problem. In addition, a Chromebook is compatible with printers, mice, keyboards, storage units, and a host of devices that will make it even easier to work with your Chromebook.

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